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Excerpt from Heritage of the Illuminati 2018 Paperback edition 

“crowley’s fear of abortion simply reflects his chronic
fear that his inherent inferiority would be discovered
………………… and that his existence was a result of
terrible accident …”
– Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D. April 8, 2006.

If one were to wade through the psychic bogs of Golden Dawn karma, one in all certainty risks the danger of psychological and psychic damage, of losing impartiality, clear conscience, of electing sides in internecine psychic wars and political fighting in the Golden Dawn traditions of the late twentieth century and early twenty-first century. It is only with the armor of years of psychological therapy as suggested by Dr. Israel Regardie, in addition to trained mentors, lifelong friends, peers, and our advisor Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt, years of Golden Dawn path working and initiation, Zen Buddhist meditation, and academic research into psychology that I undertake this venture into the Golden Dawn “flame wars” which have, at times, nearly set fire to the affairs of my friends and myself.

My peers, and I (my close life friends) work under the aegis of the Cross and Rose, retaining its mysteries in our blood and pedigree. Charles Cicero consecrated Isis-Urania Temple of a then independent, unaffiliated operative Golden Dawn research group in Columbus, Georgia in 1977. After much correspondence, Dr. Francis Israel Regardie traveled with Cris Monnastre in 1982 to Isis-Urania to initiate her and Adam Forrest (Lawrence Epperson) into the 5=6° Adeptus Minor of the R.R. et A.C. Francis consecrated the Vault of the Adepti at Isis-Urania, establishing the Second Order of the R.R. et A.C. ensuring almost 100 years after its original charter the Lamp of the Golden Dawn continued in America.

In 1983 Dr. Regardie visited New Zealand, where a Stella Matutina lodge had been founded by Frater Fenim Respice (R. W. Felkin) in 1912 and continued to function. He accepted honorary initiation to the 6=5° Adeptus Major grade by Thoth-Hermes Temple headed by Pat and Chris Zalewski in Wellington, New Zealand. After his death, Francis posthumously received the 7=4° Adeptus Exemptus R.R. et A.C. degree by the Thoth-Hermes Temple in New Zealand.

Soror Cris Monnastre (P. Behman), who wrote an introduction in Regardie’s Golden Dawn volume chartered with Frater Charles Cicero a new Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in Athens, Georgia with Regardie’s student Frater Adam Forrest (L. Epperson). According to my personal correspondences with Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt; he, Monnastre, and Forrest were the only individuals who received the 5::6 initiation and warrant from Regardie. Dr. Hyatt and Regardie chartered the Hermetic Temple and Society of the Golden Dawn, in addition to the Israel Regardie Foundation, and a “Golden Dawn Research Society” in Phoenix, Arizona in 1982. Dr. Hyatt took the fraternal motto, Adonai Achad in his Golden Dawn charters. Cicero, Monnastre, and Forrest’s Golden Dawn organization was incorporated as a tax-exempt corporation in the state of Florida in 1988.

Dr. Hyatt chartered another organization, the “Thelemic Temple and Order of the Golden Dawn” with David Cherubim in Los Angeles, California, in 1990. The organization simply was later called the Thelemic Golden Dawn and was a hybrid of Aleister Crowley’s “Thelemic teachings” and a skeletal system of Cherubim’s understanding of Golden Dawn material and alchemy. Cicero and Monnastre, whom was a former ‘girlfriend,’ and intimate with Regardie before he died in 1985, initiated David John Griffin, Frater Lux Ex Septentrionis into the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Inc. in Florida, 1992.

The Internecine Golden Dawn Psychic War had its roots in the personal contention between the Cicero’s and Monnastre and Griffin. After Regardie passed away in Sedona, Arizona in 1985, Monnastre began dating Griffin on an intimate level. In January 1994, Monnastre, Praemonstratix General of HOGD, left the Cicero residence with Griffin after a personal argument according to witnesses.

Robert Zink chartered with his ex-spouse, the Eternal Golden Dawn which changed its name to the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Intl. (HOGDI) in 1993, renaming the organization Hermetic Order of the Morning Star, Inc. (HOMSI) in 1997, and again the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn in 2003. Monnastre and Griffin chartered the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn/Rosicrucian A+O currently a sole proprietorship under Griffin. Behman had operated the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn temples in Los Angeles throughout the 1980s.

After withdrawing her endorsement from that organization in 1994 to continue the non-schism version with Griffin, she eventually sold her partnership interest to Griffin in May 1998. It is important to note that Monnastre’s organization retained it the name Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, even referred to as the Authentic Golden Dawn by Griffin, until a trademark dispute was settled in 1996 when Griffin was legally obligated to adopt the appendant, “Rosicrucian A+O” to his Golden Dawn organization. Cicero and Forrest possibly had Monnastre “resign” from her Office and membership in the Hermetic Golden Dawn, Inc.

Monnastre separated herself from the company and association with Griffin’s HOGD/A+O and sold her partnership interest to Griffin in May 1998 leaving Griffin the sole proprietor of the organization. In February 1994, David Griffin charters the Isis-Nut temple in Stockholm and registers the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn trademark in Sweden. He immediately afterwards uses this trademark as the basis to register the same trademark in the newly created OHIM trademark office for the entire European Union.

Robert Zink, according to Dr. Hyatt who disclosed to myself the origins of this contention, fired the first shot in the Golden Dawn Psychic War by posting to Internet news groups online, private legal documents of Charles Cicero.  Exponents of the Cicero Golden Dawn organization responded in kind by posting libelous accusations of a sexual nature against Zink also to online Internet news groups. In 1994, the flames began to spread to all corners of the Golden Dawn tradition, of which the smoke still smolders presently.

The maleficent libelous confrontations spread with the flames of a psychic warfare reminiscent of the schismatic, megalomaniacal behavior that fractured the original Golden Dawn. Various libelous “anonymous” Internet web sites and pages disappeared as quickly as uploaded to online servers, as attacks between Zink and Griffin infuriated Golden Dawn initiates in all organizations.

In March 1995, Cicero filed with the USPTO registration for the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn trademark. Monnastre and Griffin hired Stuart Mackenzie, the attorney who won the Marcello Motta’s Society O.T.O. vs. McMurtry’s Caliphate Ordo Templi Orientis case to defend their interests and file formal opposition to Cicero’s Golden Dawn trademark application. Exponents of Griffin’s organization accused Maria Babwasigh, Imperator of the Societas Rosicruciana in America, and Cicero of further libelous attacks. As backlash from the Cicero-Griffin trademark dispute, libelous and psychic maleficence against and from Griffin, Zink, and their respective sponsors increased in vehemence and quantity from 1994 to 1996.

In March 1996, March 1996 the Golden Dawn trademark conflict is settled temporarily. Cicero, Griffin, and Monnastre sign a legal settlement to share the “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” trade name on a global scale.  Cicero and the Hermetic Golden Dawn, Inc. is granted partial ownership of the mark in Europe. Griffin Monnastre are granted the right to use the partial mark in the USA.

At a 1997 International Golden Dawn Conference in the United Kingdom, Rosicrucian historian Dr. R.A. Gilbert delivers a lecture contending the history and reputation of the Societas Rosicruciana in America, an order that had been moribund owing to a legal dispute among senior members concerned with a breached real estate contract under former Imperatrix Lucia Grolsch.

A new Imperatrix, Soror Maria (Babwasigh) took over the office and leadership of the S.R.I.A.  The Rosicrucian Order of Alpha et Omega and its outer order the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn proclaimed a “Reformatio Fraternitatis,” in March 1999, one hundred-eleven years after the original warrant of the Golden Dawn, moving all published Golden Dawn material to the outer order and replacing this material with a new Second Order curriculum derived entirely from confidential, pre-Golden Dawn Rosicrucian and Hermetic esoteric transmissions according to public announcements by Griffin.

Chic Cicero, allegedly breaks his agreement with Griffin not to initiate each other’s students by initiating HOGD/A+O member, “Mark Griggs.” Griffin breaks off all business contact with Cicero. Griffin and his sponsors accuse the Ciceros of attempting to foment schism in the HOGD/A+O.  The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn was founded by Frater Sam Webster in 2002 and based on a hybrid of Buddhist, Gnostic, Thelemic teachings, and ancient Egyptian theology.

The organization grew out of a series of workshops on ceremonial magic held by Webster in 2001. As part of the 1997 Hermetic Golden Dawn, Inc. USPTO trademark principal register under the Ciceros, licenses were granted to the Hermetic Sanctuary of Ma’at Order of the Golden Dawn, Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn, Sodalitas Rosae Crucis et Solis Alati, and Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn. {United States Patent and Trademark Office, Registration Number 2034866.} Cicero files a lawsuit in U.S. Federal Court against Griffin in 2005. Griffin’s HOGD interests are represented by Florida attorney, Jorge Hevia III, whose fraternal motto was an unoriginal “D.eD.I.,” a former member of Zink’s Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn who was expelled by E.O.G.D. administration.

More maleficent libel and psychic conflagrations appear in renewed defamatory posting on Internet forums and news groups in 2005 as a backlash to renewed litigation by the Ciceros against Griffin and the H.O.G.D./A+O. In February 2007, federal trademark litigation is dismissed with prejudice on both sides with equal basis. Not surprisingly, both parties to the confrontation swiftly declared victory.

We conjecture that Griffin’s attorneys led a ‘scorched-earth’ legal strategy, forcing the Ciceros to respond to nearly one hundred-fifteen filings, most them frivolous. A “confidential settlement agreement” was reached that remains under the “perpetual jurisdiction or the court to enforce upon motion from either party on an equal basis.”

Confidentiality provision of the Griffin-Cicero court settlement presently obscures a full disclosure of the relevant facts regarding the actual outcome of the case. It certain, that Griffin fully retains the right to call his order the “Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn” adding the appendant “Outer Order of the Rosicrucian Order of the Alpha et Omega.”

A renewed round of invectives rapidly circulates the Internet news groups and online forums directed by the usual suspects, sponsors of Griffin, Zink, and the Ciceros. In 2003, sponsors of Griffin’s Golden Dawn organizations uncover invective Internet pages against Griffin, disclosed to have been published by Bryan W. Yronwode, Tyagi Nagasiva, or Frater Nigris, a Thelemic initiate of the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn.

Griffin’s sponsors uncover open letters by Zink and Joseph Max, Sam Webster, and Barbara Cormack, in an official capacity containing a diatribe giving explicit directions to one of these defamation sites published by Yronwode. Maleficence continues from all parties, and exponents of Griffin’s, Cicero’s, and Zink’s Golden Dawn organizations rapidly appear and disappear on various Internet blogs, news groups, and forums until 2009.

Griffin and his sponsors in the H.O.G.D./A+O offered an end to the Golden Dawn Psychic War, offering a détente to Zink, Cicero and their affiliates. Griffin in his blog, proposed a “Golden Dawn Harmony Conclave” inviting all active members of all Golden Dawn organizations including the Adepti of the Hermetic Golden Dawn, Inc., O.S.O.G.D., and Zink’s E.O.G.D. Expectantly, Griffin’s offer is met with cynicism and suspicion. A détente appears to have held, as Griffin’s H.O.G.D./A+O “Harmony Conclave” assembled on the Vernal Equinox in 2010, at Paris, France. The détente was short-lived, lasting until the Winter of 2010 when the invectives inevitably began once again and presently continue in 2011.

A root of the Internet and psychic confrontations between the Cicero-Zink-Griffin Golden Dawn and their exponents appears to be a deep-seated dispute about Golden Dawn initiation and lineage. Griffin and the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn Outer Order of the Rosicrucian Order of the Alpha et Omega argue that traditional Golden Dawn Initiation in physical temples is important and should not be abandoned, diverging from Regardie’s and Cicero’s view that self- initiation is effective as a psychological and spiritual tool in the outer order of the Golden Dawn. Cicero argues that traditional Golden Dawn initiation in a physical temple is not necessary in the grades and path-work of the lower Sefirot.

Initiation ceremonies into the Sefirot grades of Malchut, Yesod, Hod, and Netzah, can be replaced by Self-Initiation.  Cicero writes:

Self-initiation into the G:. D:. current of magic has been a subject of much speculation and discussion. However very little practical information has been presented upon the subject. Israel Regardie was a vocal champion of the idea that a student could initiate him/herself through the grades of the Golden Dawn. He put forth the opinion that by repeated performance of such rituals as the Opening by Watchtower and the Middle Pillar Exercise, the aspiring magician could effectively be considered an initiate of the G:. D:. current. (Note: these rituals are provided in Chapter Six of this book.) However, he also stated that this hinged upon the student’s own persistence, hard work and determination. The responsibility for spiritual progress is placed squarely on the shoulders of the student. There is only one person to blame if indolence keeps spiritual growth from occurring. The need for Self-initiation is born out of the fact that it is not always possible for prospective students to live in an area that is close to an officially recognized initiatory temple. Especially here in the U.S., students have often had to spend a lot of money on transportation to an official temple to receive an initiation. Since there is a total of no less than seven initiation ceremonies required to become an Adeptus Minor, it is easy to see how expensive the process of traveling to a temple can become. This has led to various magical groups offering correspondence courses and astral initiation by proxy. However, these too are often highly expensive undertakings that do not address the solitary student’s basic need to monitor his/her own psychic growth in a meaningful and spiritually fulfilling manner. (Some groups even bestow instant Adepthood with virtually no Outer Order training whatsoever; for a fee, almost anyone can get a certificate proclaiming one to be an Adeptus Minor [or even an Adeptus Exemptus!]. The spiritual value of grades obtained in such a manner is, of course, highly questionable.)” {Cicero, Charles. Self-Initiation into the Golden Dawn Tradition Llewellyn St. Paul, MN 1998}

Zink disputes that traditional Golden Dawn initiation in physical temples is obsolete and has replaced it with Astral Initiation where initiates of the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn are instructed to meditate while a ritual initiation is performed in proxy. I firmly agree with Regardie’s insisting psychotherapy as a prerequisite for outer order grade work in the Golden Dawn. Dr. Regardie believed self-initiation was practical in the Kabbalistic path workings in relation to the Tree of Life.

He felt that continual physical initiations below Tifaret, moving the psyche and body of light to Malchut, Yesod, Hod, and Netzach, created unnecessary psychic and psychological imbalances in the student and preceptors. The most critical initiations of the Golden Dawn occurred in the Neophyte 0=0 and Adeptus Minor 5=6 rituals. Regardie felt that the elemental initiations between Neophyte and Adeptus Minor left impressions on the psychic energy field of the initiate that simply mirrored the Opening by Watchtower ceremonies. (Regardie. Ceremonial Magic. Aquarian Press: 1982)

Self-initiation does not preclude the overall importance of physical ceremony at a lodge or temple; there are no self-initiation rites in Masonic lodges of any Rite or appendant body. The isolated student choosing to initiate independent of temple or lodge hierarchical dynamics must be as persistent and systematic as the hierarchical structure of their temple or lodge.

Without consistent tutelage from proctors or formal temple officers, the self-initiating student must imbed the command symbols of each elemental initiation into their psyche and field of energy as a spiritual passport to be used in the realm of spirits.  A self-initiating student, who has conducted the elemental initiations or Watchtower ceremonies repeatedly and progressively, embeds the same symbolism in their aura and energy field.

Including the Opening of the Watchtowers ceremony, the Middle Pillar ritual should be practiced and conducted repeatedly to amplify and reinforce the energy developed in self-initiation rites. The creativity and skill of the self-initiating student are also crucial to the outcome. Unresolved neuroses often rupture the personality and psyche during initiations and physiological modifications.

These neuroses and psychosomatic blockages account for all the chaotic group megalomania in earlier esoteric fraternities and now modern occult organizations. Regardie recommended psychotherapy as a prerequisite for any magical operations including initiation. He refused to associate with any Golden Dawn temple that did not prescribe psychotherapy as part of its curriculum.

Unless these unresolved neuroses are therapeutically incorporated, identified, and allowed to emerge in consciousness in a safe and controlled fashion, operating with occult initiations allows neuroses to develop and acted out in dangerous patterns. Psychotherapy and initiation are similar in that both process unconscious patterns and integrate them safely into consciousness and prodigious methods of living and interacting with one’s environment. The student who self-initiates into a formal system must learn to distinguish between organizations that instruct and educate, and personality cults. Many “occult orders,” so-called, have their foundations around manipulative and charismatic personalities.

Addressing the need for psychotherapy as part of magical practice could have prevented much of the damage wrought by two major parties in the Golden Dawn Psychic & Internet hostilities. Since Robert Zink, David R. Griffin, and their respective accomplices revive internecine battles between competing Golden Dawn organizations, using the Internet as their battleground; we can easily deduce that both parties have an alternate agenda, both are keeping from the great Golden Dawn community. With each revival of the psychic and political hostilities by all parties involved, including Zink and Griffin’s Golden Dawn groups, the Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn, Griffin’s H.O.G.D./A+O, and the Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn, their motives grow more evident.

Personal vendettas over litigations, and esoteric lineage disputes, e.g. group expulsions, counter-initiations, valid charters & warrants, are clear in these hostilities.  Money is a lesser-known agenda in the Zink-Griffin-Cicero hostilities. The 1995-1996, and renewed 2005 trademark litigations cost Griffin and the Ciceros a great deal, less money going to the production of Temple material, maintenance of Temples, and administrative functioning of respective Golden Dawn groups. Authors scrambled to pen and publish books attempting to counteract other Adept’s new material on the market, and to help pay for expensive attorney’s fees.

Griffin exhibits psychological obsession and potential neurosis with each response to Frater Zink’s Internet postings on esoteric subject matter. With each Internet post, published Golden Dawn teaching, new website or blog, or any public statement by Zink, Griffin responds maliciously and systematically; rarely has each party produced new literature on the Golden Dawn teachings. A statistical search on Griffin’s Golden Dawn websites, and related Internet sites turns up a clear and present obsession, and invective against his targets, rather than explanations and teachings of the Golden Dawn traditions.

When Regardie began to distance himself from operating Golden Dawn temples, and groups, as a trained Adept and psychologist, he must have observed the mass deterioration of stable Golden Dawn groups in the twilight of the 20th century. Amidst the chaotic personal and group diatribes, there are enduring Golden Dawn legacies established by Israel Regardie, operating under the Ciceros as the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn, Inc., the Golden Dawn Research Society, and its affiliated Hermetic Temple and Society of the Golden Dawn; both operated by the late Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt; a life-long student and friend of Regardie.

The Golden Dawn Research Trust is a co-operative of scholars and Adepts in the Golden Dawn tradition that publishes archaic rituals, lessons, and teachings of the Golden Dawn and Rosicrucian philosophy. The organization is based in Austin, Texas with an editorial team led by Darcy Kuntz.  The Israel Regardie FoundationTM was founded originally by Israel Regardie and Dr. Hyatt in Phoenix, Arizona in 1982. Regardie and Hyatt established the organization to conserve the archives and Golden Dawn teachings of Israel Regardie in the form of published booklets, trade paperback books, and audio recordings.

Falcon Press, now “Original Falcon Publications,” was the publishing house associated with the Israel Regardie FoundationTM. In 2008, after the death of Dr. Hyatt, I consolidated lost archives and other material from the Israel Regardie FoundationTM to conserve Dr. Hyatt’s research collaborations with Regardie.  Dr. Hyatt’s last days and passing saw the beginnings of litigation amidst his estate, splitting the old Falcon Press into two publishing houses virtually selling the same material.  I retained Golden Dawn several ritual items, and unpublished materials given as a gift from Dr. Hyatt, including archives of emails, messages, and letters with the “Mad Doktor.”  

Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt – On Aleister Crowley, Ordo Templi Orientis, Israel Regardie, & the Golden Dawn –

date Mon, April 17, 2007 at 8:33 AM
subject Re: gd irf
thanks josh we got rid of all the regardie letters bb traded to some
golden dawn group ::::::
if you and kelli want to develope something great:::::: cherubim bb
the oto creature people:::::::::::::i hope they boil in their own shit

See what’s free at
by Soror Inanna on Monday, April 11, 2011 at 7:09am
to me
show details 4/8/06
he is nuts, t hinking in the remotest fashion the oto could ever be a
world influence and savior …… of this species …the oto is bills
whoredom …… run by the son of a sargeant …….hehehehehehhe
may they all eat shit and die ….. and let the worms sort them out
greenfeld has missed the point, thinking in the remotest fashion the
oto could ever be a world influence and savior …… of this species
… at most the oto reflects the desperation to hold something
together which has already failed at its inception— crowley’s fear
of abortion simply reflects his chronic fear that his inherent
inferiority would be discovered ………………… and that his existence
was a result of terrible accident …..i do applaud greenfeld’s
decision to step aside, not wanting to be painted with this tarnished
brush ….the oto is …… run by the son of a sargeant ……. and he has
applied his knowledge with complete fidelity …….the best solution
to them is to ignore them ….. and let the worms sort them out

Subject: crowley-caliphate rights
DrHyatt@****” to ******
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 14:38:13 EDT
they bought them back a month ago, bb signed, price is
confidental…..i gave the archives to oto, as a non profit so they
would have a placeto live after my death, he traded them for some
crowley material to a gd group, and informed me after the event
……regardies 9th was removed according to bb when crowley and
fir had their fight ….. so “it would be wrong to give it back to him.”
even after his death…now, to be clear, bb has not thrown me out of
the oto, i think he is scared, simple as that, i wish he would, it
would make a nice chapter in one of my books…….under no
conditions do i trust him any longer, too many lies, delays,
deceit, particularly when i brought him out on my money from
europe to meet with all the 9ths, i gave him the money some
1500.00 for this trip, not the oto, so i didnt claim it as a
deduction…… I gave this man my loyalty and complete support and
in his disgusting fashion flung me into his pile of used toys. this
man makes decisions as if were god and expects everyone to find
his “logic” and his notion of “fairness” without blemish ….. i was a
fool. you may publish this, “dr hyatt says he was a fool for supporting the oto and bb with his heart, money, love and time……. i have been foolish in my life, but this, is on the top of my personal stupidity “ list.”
Ordo Templi Orientis
‘Caliphate’ vote

SUBJECT: Dr. Hyatt
From: “Sabazius”
Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 17:17:37 -0000
To all U.S. S.G.I.G.s:
For your information — as of this morning, I have suspended the
authority of Dr. Christopher Hyatt to operate as an SGIG within
the U.S., as well as his charter to initiate. The fact that Dr. Hyatt
will no longer be serving in the capacity of an S.G.I.G. or initiator
in the U.S. has been announced to the local body officers via their
announcement lists. In consideration of Dr. Hyatt’s privacy, please
use due discretion in discussing this matter outside the Lover and
Hermit triads. Dr. Hyatt remains a member in good standing of the
93, 93/93

From: DrHyatt
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 08:51:57 EDT
To: koenig at
Well Peter, is it? I took a stand on one member libeling another in
the order. the topic was over an interview i had allowed a member
to use and then he claimed it as his property, another member said
it wasnt, and the first member started calling him names in a public
forum …….. i told the us kingpin that i would take the side of the
harmed member and if necessary take legal action …….. the head
kingpin didnt respond in any helpful manner, and i told him that i
didnt recognize his authority or for that matter bb ……… the us
kingpin asked me if i really meant what i said, and i said yes, he
asked me again, and i said yes, and again, and i said yes, so finally
he “suspended me”….. the international oto boss has not done so
yet, but he should as i stated clearly, that i am not taking orders
from him either …… i have donated tens of thousands of dollars to
this group, promises were broken time and again, regarding my 9th
as well a books, so i am done with them, they have bought back
their copyrights from falcon and they have turned one of their most
loyal members into a lifetime enemy ……. bb also refused to give
regardie back his 9th after the old mans death, and the never
ending negative statements made against regardie by some of the
upper boys drives me mad to no end…..feel free to write

Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 11:00:37 EDT
In answer to your question regarding my “suspension” from the
OTO, may i say this: I simply stated that I refuse to recognize the
US King or his Boss as having authority over me……. I have been a
loyal member for many years, having helped financially in a
significant fashion, been an advisor helping in legal and other
matters…..I was misinformed regarding a number of matters, and a
number of promises made to me have been broken…….at this time I
am awaiting suspension from the International OTO, overall i am
now a leper in waiting having been discarded as a perpetual trouble
maker….. I hope this answers your question and puts your concerns
at ease…… Thank you, C.S. Hyatt, Ph.D.

Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 11:32:41 EDT
I have read the material you referred me to, and find nothing new
there……. i am surprised by the lack of anyone winning a lawsuit
against the OTO……..and i am not suprised about how many lawsuits they
win, even “defending Lon” against the bludder he made ……. why
so, everytime they win, everyone loses …… it makes them stronger …..
what is needed is something that will work, once and for all, and i
suggest that you might organize such an effort …… have any
plans…. copyrights will not work …. they did everything in their
power to buy falcon rights back, they did not want a suit there, and
gave falcon almost complete permission to quote most anything in
the future, something unheard of from bb ……. his publishing
venture is now the weakest spot …… along with some items you

Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 08:01:49 EDT
first, let me inform you that i am not altruist …… my goal in life
is not to help people qua people …… second, i hold four advanced
degrees, have been a fellow at major universities and have post doc
work third, i have been lic as a clinician and practiced for 12 years
in addition to a two year hospital internship …. my degrees are in
statistics/neruoscience/brain mapping/medical education/clinical
psychology/human behavior-criminal justice ….
i have invented a statistic, which is now used, and has been
published by other researchers, have written significant peer
reveiwed articles, co-authored and authored numerous books and
have had a number of them translated into four languages.
all of this to say that i am not enticed by a public forum to protect
people against the oto or any other group … politically i might be
called a libertarian……. my favorite philosopher F.W. Nietzsche
who i have studied since 20, and i am now 60. by training i lean
toward freud, having studied him from 17. my interest in you is
your knowledge about my enemy ……an enemy of my enemy is my
friend …… lon is the person who initiated me into the oto….. i was
“seduced” by him, his wife, and james wasserman to join the
oto……i joined because of regardie, a few years after firs death……i
had a lot of fun with lon and his group……before things got serious.
they wanted my name, my money, and my influence……and they
got it……..lon also stated that he should have been caliph…..when
it came time to choose a king lon thought it would be him, but as
usual bb chose someone more like him, in fact a carbon……
course bb interest in the new king had other motives which one
might call the sanctuary of the gnosis… fill in the rest. lon and i
are on friendly on very distant terms…… in passing you should
keep in mind that one of bb goals is to rid the order of Grady’s
ninths having only his……most are all yes men, they are scared of
him, for what reason i do not fathom …..

Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 13:18:36 EDT
fruitful? helping the cause of thelema simple as that …… i dont
recall when i first met him………..sometime in the very early
90s…….. are you kidding, i bought a german collection of books,
numerous other items for the archives, 10s of thousands of dollars,
stipends for writing books, helping pay rent, the list is never
ending, donations for lawsuits etc. if you must know i was very
dedicated to the cause…..

Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 17:04:10 EDT
sally quit because of a govt invest of a member of her lodge
……….. there were a few other heavy hitters, and some mild ones,
like nick at falcon ……. there are the people in europe who are
more successful who have money ….. i gave him a number of 5000
stipends plus tons of other things, to help the “cause.”
what is with graeb why does he need to be loved by bill and the
oto …..?

Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 18:52:27 EDT
good night, i just received an email issued from the most high, that
everyone 5th or higher should change their password on a certain
yahoo group …… because “peter koenig” had broken it …… it was
not sent to me directly, but one of my friends in the oto sent it to
me ….. in passing the lodge here has been completely destroyed by
the ec, after 20 years, they sent in an sgig, other than me when i
was active, to investigate, did not inform me that “it” was here, and
then the lodge became an oasis, and then the oasis became nothing
….. non existent …. i had increased membership due to my
presence and got a 5th degree chapter besides, now they destroyed
the entire group ……. in interest of the new order. interesting?

Date: Fri, 9 May 2003 09:17:57 EDT
From: “Sabazius”
Date: Wed May 7, 2003 2:39 pm
Subject: Security
Peter Koenig has gotten his hands on some private posts from at
least one of our OTO YahooGroups again. This would be a great
time for everyone to change their Yahoo passwords as well as their
private email account passwords.

this may be in response to a scathing letter i wrote sb stating why
wasnt i copied on the my offical explusion letter ……. telling him
he and his boss are experts at turning a one time loyal member and
friend into an eternal enemy …… hehehe i also said that they are
forcing me into your hands as i learned about the original letter
from prk…….i also stated that i am waiting for bb to expell me
from the international group ….. as usual there was no response to
me apologizing for not coping me …..the phx group was destroyed
as it was in the model of the older oto when people did initations
and had fun ……. strict obedience is now the rule ….. obey or
else…… there are some other holes in the dyke and now is the time
to create more fear in their hearts……… do your best i know you are
a data collector

Who is Peter-R. Koenig?
“I need no warrant for being, and no word of sanction upon my
being. I am the warrant and the sanction.” – Ayn Rand
Peter-R. Koenig is a collector of data, sometimes called a gatherer
of data, g.o.d. for short. He likes to solve puzzles and in particular
the one sold as cOTO…..I don’t know Peter well, I knew of his
reputation as an evil character who was attacking the “thelemic
current” of the Coto.
We first talked when he copied me on my suspension from the US
CoTo. I never received a copy of the official suspension. I was
simply informed that I was suspended and have lost all my powers
for refusing to recognize the authority of the US Chief and of
course the Grand Chief….
Prior to this I was a member in real good standing having donated
thousands upon thousands of dollars to support the Coto in its
defense against its enemies and to improve its library….
Somehow after throwing a number of temper tantrums for not
receiving my twice promised 9th degree and eternal delays on
books which I had paid stipends for completion, I was, if you
would, “put aside.” much like a worn set of shoes….
The once confident, advisor and supporter had worn out his
welcome, however, to publicly acknowledge this could cause some
embarrassing problems, and even perhaps some legal ones. But I
went to sleep moving onto other things……that is until they awoke
this sleeping giant… destroying the local lodge and then oasis,
and taking the side of an individual who to say it nicely took
ownership to one of my copyrighted pieces …… with this churning
my bowels I told the bosses that I no longer recognized them as
authorities and after asking me three times if I really meant it, I
finally said, cant you read, I received a personal notice of
suspension but a never a copy of the one that went out to members
of the lover and hermit triad, but wait, in order for me not to be
bothered and to protect my privacy they didn’t send me one, nor
one to the general coto population….. kind of them?
So here comes the gather of data and sends (Peter-R. K) me a copy
of this little note, designed to protect me …… I am angry that no
one had the manners to copy me ….. and thought it “clever” on how
they did not want the general coto population to know, because
after all I am Dr. Hyatt, a well know student of Dr. Regardie,
author, etc. etc. etc. It seems that Dr., Hyatt and Dr. Regardie share
more than a personal history of some 15 years, but the honor of
suspended, removed, leperized by the Coto. But to be honest I have
not been removed from the International Coto…..they want me to
be a member for some, no doubt spiritual reason, but someone
whispered in my ear that there might be more sinister reasons, I
will let the reader guess what they might be ……..
Prior to my suspension I was informed by the US Chief and one of
his cronies that I had taken oaths to protect the Coto…they were
correct, however, the Supreme Chief relieved me of these oaths,
indirectly and no doubt unintentionally, when he told me that all
the promises he made to me and in fact I to him were and are
conditional……in my feeble way I took this to mean oaths as well,
as they are promises after all……So with all of this we ask who is
Peter-R. Koenig, I frankly don’t know, except he is polite and
friendly as he gathers data from the latest leper and victim of the
COTO……..some might say he is using me and I him, but what is
wrong with use, when you have been misused because you
believed in brotherhood, promises and the COTO…… I say mutual
use is a virtue ……. so for today I end my discussion of who is
Peter-R. Koenig ….. but keep in mind tomorrow is another day
……. I will say more…….. .much more, but now the old man needs a
Thanks for listening
Dr Hyatt 5/9/03 CE

Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt on Dr. Francis Israel Regardie & theGolden Dawn

Some Interesting Issues…

Before Dr. Regardie died he asked me to continue his work, particularly in the area of publishing.  Considering the ups and downs of the economy, the bankruptcy of a number of important distributors, and the general change of complexion in the industry as a whole, we give ourselves a letter grade of B. Other than the Complete Golden Dawn, demand for Dr. Regardie’s work published by New Falcon has been moderate.

There are a number of possible reasons.  Regardie didn’t want anyone to centralize the Golden Dawn. Every one of his private students knew of this requirement. I, of course, promised that I would not attempt to control the Golden Dawn and for this I give myself a letter grade of A.  However, I can’t say the same for some others, many of whom have tried to monopolize the activities of Golden Dawn as their own fiefdom. As usual they assert that they are doing it for mankind and, as usual, only fools believe such attempts at transforming greed into altruism. In my feeble attempt to counter this coup, I have created-or helped to create-functional (and dysfunctional) operating Temples. Some of these have been a practical success while others have been outright failures-as I intended them to be.
However, one thing is clear: they exist and their very existence resists the attempts to “own” the Golden Dawn. For this I give myself a letter grade of B. Even more disturbing than the attempt to monopolize the Golden Dawn is the misuse of Regardie as a steppingstone and authority. These upstarts misused Dr. Regardie as a power base and then demeaned him. These were attempts at ad hominem character assassination. These “remarks” range from calling Regardie a fool or lacking in knowledge, to spreading rumors, to fabrications and derision surrounding the circumstances of his death. The maneuver of using a person and then demeaning him is not uncommon for individuals who lack real substance of their own.

Finally, Dr. Regardie is sometimes accused of betraying Crowley by exposing his faults in The Eye in the Triangle. Dr. Regardie’s analysis of Crowley is essential to unravel the truth, as both Crowley and his followers have obfuscated an entire body of knowledge in decorative pastels. Regardie is often “hated” because, as one member of Crowley’s clan has said, “How dare Regardie psychologize the prophet of the New Aeon!”  This is why Regardie suffered and why his reputation is questioned-this is why Crowley will be remembered and Regardie forgotten.” Assertions such as these often amaze me-as their authors attempt to pass off their need for hero worship as moral imperatives. It is both funny and pathetic what a fool can do with a few footnotes.

Wild assertions, academic style and clichés cannot take the place of critical thinking.  The attempt to fling Dr. Regardie to the far reaches of hell-or worse, a footnote or two-not been successful, although at times it has seemed so. Books have been published which slowly removed Regardie as a major force in the Golden Dawn, while some followers of Crowley have attempted to ignore him because Crowley and Regardie had such an awful row.  We know that the return of the Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic, in its second edition, will help bring Dr. Regardie back into the richness of the light which he so deeply deserves.

Standards, Elitism, Equality and Magic…

If you needed a heart transplant you might search for a surgeon with the best rate of success. We can define success as the highest number of patients who survived the operation, the length of time before symptoms reappeared, and possibly the quality of the patient’s life after surgery. Assuming you wanted to survive, these standards and others-might make up your selection criteria.

On the other hand, if you didn’t want to survive, you would use different standards. With this idea in mind, I will conclude that no matter what you do, you have standards-and by this I include those “standards” fostered by politicians, newscasters, grammar-school teachers and derelicts. (However, if you held their “standards” you probably would have not purchased this book.)   I have standards and I assert they are based on what is defined as success, quality of life and a general feeling of well-being. I do not base my decisions or actions on what the mentally defective might do. If I have a dollar set aside for donation I will give it to a hungry genius working on the origins of life, and forego helping the inadequate. If I had two dollars I would give both to the hungry genius.

Dr. Regardie also had standards and they were not those of the “crucified one.” He was an elitist and, though he sometimes failed both in judgment and results, he held to his standards nonetheless. He was kind to people, polite and concerned. However, he chose his company as carefully as he could.  Dr. Regardie donated or gave his money (and heart) to promising students in college and magic as well as to a few occult and nonoccult organizations. The weak, stupid and lame were not on his donation list. He gave value to what he valued.

He was not interested in the applause of bleeding-heart, guilt ridden weaklings. One of his concerns, as is mine, are the programs designed to weaken the individual through blatant overindulgence and the teaching of self-hate which has been inculcated into the minds of the healthy and capable by a decadent morality. He fought this at every opportunity.  Elitism in this context is to support and admire the best, not the worst. This doesn’t mean harming others who do not meet these standards; it simply means withholding value from them.

Dr. Regardie never attempted to reduce the best to the worst for the sake of pity. In this sense neither of us supported the politically correct notion of equality. Our attitude has led to both of us being ostracized by many occult groups-which includes most Crowley organizations. Let me make this point very clear.. . . . . Dr. Regardie was a Thelemite, something of a Jeffersonian Democrat, or a Libertarian.. . . . . However, he realized that Thelema and most political groups behaved in the exact opposite of the values and theories espoused by their founders.

Although offered a highranking position in a number of organizations-including the OTOhe politely refused. Keep in mind that, though Dr. Regardie was a gentleman publicly, privately he could be quite vicious concerning the weak and lame who headed and populated most Occult groups.  Magic is the attempt to control paranormal or natural forces, by ritual, imagination and other techniques, to conform to the will of the operator. The term “will” in this context refers to the ‘force of desire.’ The control of paranormal forces can mean learning from “higher powers” to finding the right mate. Some individuals regard some forms of magic as either black or white.

Apparently this means that black magic correlates with self interest and harming others, while white magic relates to spiritual pursuits and helping others. Magic, however, is magic, regardless of what ends one pursues or how you might moralize about the means used to accomplish the end. Like science, magic must remain amoral-uninfluenced by any set of standards except knowledge and results.. ….

In summary, Regardie espoused the theory that, like science, magic was an objective practice…… the ritual either accomplished its ends or not.. …. Though Regardie was a generous and caring person, he never regarded his personal values from a moral perspective nor demanded that others behave like himself.  Dr. Regardie had very high standards although, like all of us, he often failed at realizing them.. . He was a strong advocate of elitism and was horrified by what I now call the new age plague.. … .which has distorted and obfuscated magic and science through a neopuritanical ethic, eulogized through a greatly watered down Judeo/Christian/Islamic morality.

The ethic of the new age, which in my view is now dwindling, is a combination of regressive self-indulgence and self-hate.. … .two programs of self-destruction whose time has come and gone. We are now moving into a new era, neither better nor worse than the one we are emerging from.. …. This is not the so-called Aeon of Horus, but another.. …. The Aeon of Horus has come and gone in an instant and, like all minor influences, has left behind its refuse. With all of this said, we at Falcon hope that you find this new edition both more useful and enjoyable.

-Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.
17 November 2002 CE
St. Thomas, USVI

Exeunt omnes

The Golden Dawn tradition has since made a sharp departure from traditional teachings of ceremonial magick, Rosicrucianism, and Christian mysticism.  Gone are the secret teachings and closely guarded occult lessons of the degrees.  A prestigious secret society that once boasted a roster with the likes of poet William B. Yeats, artist Aubrey Beardsley, actress Florence Far, Maud Gonne, the Irish poet William Butler Yeats, the Welsh author Arthur Machen, and the English author Evelyn Underhill now only has degenerates feuding with each other.

Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt, whom initiated me into the “Inner Order” of a Golden Dawn group founded by himself and Francis Israel Regardie, discharged the current on many modern Golden Dawn derivative groups and projects.  Their “current” has been “switched off” and their rituals made inoperative.  There still exists silent networks of initiates and practitioners working and conserving Golden Dawn teachings.  Still hidden currents of Golden Dawn Orders are considered blasphemy by public Golden Dawn circles, so certain as they are that their communities are the only ones with authentic lineage.

Naturally of course, since these ‘still hidden’ GD Orders cannot be scrutinized no verifiable evidence can be forthcoming.  Dr. Hyatt warned us about degeneration of the Golden Dawn current and militant behavior towards other lineages as a norm.   Modern Golden Dawn projects and groups are antagonistic towards any ‘challengers’ to a monopoly they imagine they have.

Associates still hidden and working within the rich mystical tradition of the Golden Dawn do not want the rituals or other materials published, but not because they might be “misused,” but the current has been discharged, and the rituals could therefore be of no effect. The concern is that public documents and research might allow for the pretense that the Tradition was continuing. These fears are obviously well-founded.  There is no such thing as the occult.