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Demons of Islam

Demons of Islam

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The demonic roots of Islam branched out in the chaotic conspiratorial subversions of the earlier salaf-i (“devout ancestors, or pious predecessors”) of the Prophet Muhammad, and his sahabah (aṣ-ṣaḥābah, الصحابة‎‎ meaning “the companions”).  The integral cultural elitism in Islam that has nurtured violence and political subversion was modernized and integrated into the home of the Prophet Muhammad by Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab (1703 – 22 June 1792).  Ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab was a scholar from the Hanbali school of jurisprudence in Nejd, central Arabia.

Wahhab was concerned with the way the people of Nejd engaged in practices he considered polytheistic, such as praying to Islamic sahabah (saints, and companions); making pilgrimages to tombs and special mosques; venerating shrines, and using votive offerings. He was also concerned by what he viewed as a laxity in adhering to Islamic jurisprudence.  Ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab learned Islamic Hanbali theology under Muhammad Hayat al-Sindi in what is now Basra, Iraq.  While instituting his violent reformist practices, Wahhab caught the ire of local tribal Sheikhs who forced him to flee.

Wahhab proceeded to Damascus, but because of his doctrines and he could not remain. Since he could not return to Medina or Mecca, he went back to the Najd of his father, Sheikh ‘Abd al-Wahhab, who was then still the ‘alim of the region.  Both Wahhab’s brother Sheikh Suleiman ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab and father opposed his reformist theology, going so far as to condemn him in published essays.

Ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab was invited to settle in Arabian Diriyah by tribal chieftain Muhammad bin Saud. In 1744C.E. after some time in Diriyah, Wahhab’s powerful patron agreed that, together, they would bring the warring tribes of the Arabian Peninsula back to the “true” principles of Islam. According to historians, when they first met, bin Saud declared:

This oasis is yours, do not fear your enemies. By the name of God, if all Nejd was summoned to throw you out, we will never agree to expel you.”  (- Madawi al-Rasheed, A History of Saudi Arabia: 16)

Muhammad ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab replied:

You are the settlement’s chief and wise man. I want you to grant me an oath that you will perform jihad (Struggle to spread Islam) against the unbelievers. In return you will be imam, leader of the Muslim community and I will be leader in religious matters.”  (-Madawi al-Rasheed, A History of Saudi Arabia: 16)

Wahhab had a number of sons and daughters and married one of his daughters to Muhammad ibn Sa’ud, the tribal chieftain. His sons, Husayn, ‘Abd Allah and Ibrahim, became judges after their father. Even now, his sons, one after another, hold religious offices in Saudi Arabia.  Muhammad ibn Saud fulfilled the demonic pact by leading armies into Nejdi towns and villages to eradicate rival Sh’ia practices. Saud’s jihad rallied the Nejdi tribes to the Al Saud-Wahhabiyya. By 1765 Muhammad ibn Saud had established Wahhabism–and with it the kingdom of his family and Wahhab’s children–over Nejd.

After Muhammad ibn Saud died in 1765, his son, Abd’al Aziz, continued the Wahhabi advance. In 1801 the Al Saud-Wahhabi armies sacked Karbala, the Shi’a shrine in eastern Iraq that commemorates the death of Husayn. In 1803 they took control of the Hijaz.  The Ottoman Turks, the most dominant political institution in the Islamic world in the era, refused to concede Hijaz to local chieftains. At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the Ottomans were not in a position to recapture the Hijaz, because the empire had been in decline and overextended for more than two centuries.

The core of Ibn ‘Abd al-Wahhab’s violent teachings are found in two of his more popular books, Kitab at-Tawhid (The Book of the Unity of God), and the Kashf ush-Shubuhaat (Clarification of the Doubts).  To ensure Wahhab’s community would enjoin his “reformist” degenerate religion moral enforcers known as mutawwiin (literally, “those who volunteer or obey”) have been integral to the Wahhabi movement since its conquest of the Arabian Peninsula. Mutawwiin have served as missionaries, as enforcers of public morals, and public “administrators” of Islam. Wahhab had died in 1792 but his ideology would infest Islam, reconstituting its demonic and jihadist origins on the Arabian Peninsula.

In the first quarter of the nineteenth century, forcing the Arabian tribes to submit to Wahhabism was an asset to Abd al Aziz in forging cohesion among the peninsula. Wahhab revived the notion of a community of zealots, united by their submission to Allah.  Wahhabism helped to forge a sense of religious identity that superseded parochial loyalties. By abolishing the tribute paid by inferior tribes to militarily superior tribes, Wahhab’s patron, Abd al Aziz, undercut tribal hierarchies of power and made devotion to Islam and to himself as the rightly guided Islamic caliph the one axis that would reestablish Islam in the new Kingdom, and across the world.

Abdulaziz ibn Saud (ruled 1932–1953) deployed Wahhabism as a religious and political network of uniting the Peninsula’s tribes. Submission to Allah’s absolute will, as interpreted by Wahhabism and upheld by the House of Saud became a jihad. Wahhabism served Saud’s descendants in the ruling family as a bulwark against Arab Nationalist rivals like Egypt, Syria, and Iraq, who were supported by the Soviets during the 1960s and 1970s. Faced with that rise of secularism and fueled by oil money, King Faisal ibn Abdulaziz al-Saud (ruled 1964–1975) decided the propaganda of Wahhabism, which proclaims the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as the sole rightful defender of Islam, would become the long-term strategy for Islamic subversion.

The demonic and occult origins of Wahhabist and Salafi Islam intertwine with the jihadist and purist teachings of a network of theologians, the foremost Ibn Taymiyyah.  Ibn Taymiyyah is the epithet and title of Abu’l-‘Abbas Taqi ad-Din Ahmad ibn ‘Abd al-Halim. He was born in the territory of Harran in present-day Turkey. Ibn Taymiyyah migrated with his father to Damascus, Syria, and there he acquired scholarship in religion and jurisprudence.

In many ideological and intellectual issues, he held abhorrent and radical views towards non-Muslims, Sufi and Shi’a Muslims.  Ibn Taymiyyah believed in anthropomorphism, concerning Allah maintaining that Allah has a hand, foot, eye, tongue and mouth, and occupies a space in Jannah, the highest level of Paradise. In order to prove his case, he resorted to the literal text of Qur’anic verses, maintaining that Allah is sitting on a throne in Jannah.

Sufism, a society of initiated mystics that predates Islam, is the Arabic parent of Freemasonry, the true “Eastern Star” of the Western Mystery Schools.  The Arabic word for Mason, is al’Banna, “builder.”  The fundamental word for the Royal Arch School of Masonry is Jahbulon, composed usually of the Hebrew letters, Aleph, Beth, and Lamed – A, B, and L.  According to The Rev. Canon Richard Tydeman, in an address to the Supreme Grand Chapter of England on 13 November 1985, the word is a compound of three Hebrew terms:  יהּJah, I AM, which indicates eternal existence,  בּעלB’El, on high, in heaven) and  און On, strength; pronouncing three aspects or qualities of Deity, namely Eternal Existence, Transcendence, and Omnipotence and equating to The True and Living God.

According to Stephen Knight, following Walton Hannah, the word is a compound of the names of three gods worshipped in the ancient Middle East: Yahweh/Ja, Baal, and  On, a name in Genesis in the Bible in Potiphar priest of On; thought in older times to be a name of Osiris.  The letters A, B, and L represent the Islamic watchword al’Banna.  To the Sufi builders, the word intimates initiation and the three letters symbolize key meditation postures.  A, alif, is the kneeling posture.  The second letter, B, ba, is symbolic of prostration and concentration.  The third letter, L, lam in Arabic is shaped like a rope.  To the Freemason, lam means ‘the rope which binds all in initiation.’

The letters alif, ba, and lam according to the mystic Abjad table when added together produce the sum of 33.  Alif  ﺎ  = 1, ba ﺐ  = 2, and lam ل = 30.  According to the Sufi builders, this code is an intimation of the letter Q, the Masonic letter ‘G,’ inscribed by the builders with a pentagram.  Orthodox Islam, both Sunni and Shi’a generally prohibit the practice of Freemasonry, and forbid Muslims to join Masonic Lodges in Arab nations with a sharīʿah legal system,  An influential body interpreting Islamic Law correlating interfaith dialogue is the Islamic Jurisdictional College.  At its meeting on 15 July 1978, it issued an opinion concerning “The Freemasons’ Organization.”  The IJC declared: “After complete research concerning this organization, based on written accounts from many sources, we have determined that:

    Freemasonry is a clandestine organization, which conceals or reveals its system, depending on the circumstances.  Its actual principles are hidden from members, except for chosen members of its higher degrees.

    The members of the organization, worldwide, are drawn from men without preference for their religion, faith, or sect.

    The organization attracts members based on providing personal benefits.  It traps men into being politically active, and its aims are unjust.

    New members participate in ceremonies of different names and symbols, and are frightened from disobeying its regulations and orders.

    Members are free to practice their religion, but only members who are atheists are promoted to its higher degrees, based on how much they are willing to serve its dangerous principles and plans.

    It is a political organization.  It has served all revolutions, military and political transformations.  In all dangerous changes, a relation to this organization appears either exposed or veiled.

    It is a Jewish Organization in its roots.  Its secret higher international administrative board are Jews and it promotes Zionist activities.

    Its primary objectives are the distraction of all religions and it distracts Muslims from Islam.

    It tries to recruit influential financial, political, social, or scientific people to utilize them.  It does not consider applicants it cannot utilize.  It recruits kings, prime ministers, high government officials and similar individuals.

    It has branches under different names as a camouflage, so people cannot trace its activities, especially if the name of “Freemasonry” has opposition.  These hidden branches are known as Lions, Rotary and others.  They have wicked principles that completely contradict the rules of Islam.  There is a clear relationship between Freemasonry, Judaism, and International Zionism.  It has controlled the activities of high Arab officials in the Palestinian problem.  It has limited their duties, obligations, and activities for the benefit of Judaism and International Zionism.

The Society of the Muslim Brothers chartered in 1928 in Cairo, Egypt by the Islamic scholar and schoolteacher Sheikh Hasan Ahmed Abdel Rahman Muhammed al’Banna.  When Hasan al’Banna was twelve years old, he became a student of the Hasafiya Sufi order, becoming a fully initiated member in 1922.  Banna’s father was as student of Abduh, and himself was greatly influenced by Rashid Rida’s Salafi fundamentalism.  The Muslim Brotherhood originated as a religious social organization, tutoring the illiterate, establishing charitable hospitals and providing endowment for local enterprises. As the Brotherhood’s social influence widened starting in 1936, it began stridently opposing British colonialism in Egypt.

In 1952 the Egyptian monarch King Farouk I was overthrown by nationalist military officers led by Colonel Gamel Abdel Nasser and General Muhammad Naguib supported by the Brotherhood.   On 26 October, an assassination attempt was carried out against Nasser during a rally in Alexandria.  The attempt to assassinate Nasser was suspected by the Brotherhood.  This led to the regime acting against the Brotherhood, executing Brotherhood leaders on 9 December in 1954.  The Brotherhood was banned and this time thousands of its members were imprisoned, many of them held for years in prisons and concentration camps, and tortured.   On February 12, 1949 in Cairo, al’Banna who was a Freemason, was assassinated.

The influence of Freemasonry in Egypt and Arab countries struggling with post-colonial revolutionary sentiment cannot be overlooked.  Hanna Abi Rashid, chief of the masonic lodge in Beirut, wrote: “Jamaluddin al’Afghani was the chief of the masonic lodge in Egypt, which had about three hundred members, most of whom were scholars and state officials. After him, the leading master Muhammad ‘Abduh became the chief. ‘Abduh was a leading freemason. No one can deny that he has spread the masonic spirit in Arab countries.” [Da’irat al’maarif al’masoniyya, p. 197, Beirut, 1381/1961.]  “As revealed by Abduh, al’Afghani developed in his students a practical inclination: he encouraged them to engage in the publication of magazines, to put in motion a current of opinion and to join, like he himself did, the masonic lodges of French inspiration.” (Tariq Ramadan, Aux Sources du Renouveau musulman, D’al-Alfghani a Hassan al’Banna un siecle de reformisme islamique, Paris: 1998, p. 54)

At the same time Afghani started to introduce himself into the French circles of freemasonry. He introduced, as we have seen, the Egyptian intellectuals of his entourage who were to be, later, the principal actors of the ‘Urabi Revolution. These circles had a crucial importance for al-Afghani: not only because they allowed him to spread his ideas but also because he was able to meet with influential people in the political environment. Thus we can affirm, without any doubt, that this is the period, in which al’Afghani, thanks to the recognition and to the personal engagement in the creation of an associative body conceived on the model of the masonic circles, was able to accentuate his involvement in establishing political influence and alliance with the powers.”  (ibid., p. 85)

In this period Afghani came forward as a political figure in two ways: by using a Freemasonic lodge as a vehicle for political intrigue and change, and by influencing people through oratory.” (Ali Rahnema, Pioneers of Islamic Revival, London: 1979, p. 17)  “The Documents corroborate and help to date Afghani’s membership and activity in the freemasons of Egypt….Most discussions of Afghani’s masonic activity begin it in 1877 or 1878, but the Documents include a letter from him applying for membership in a masonic lodge which dates from the spring of 1875 and a note saying he had entered a lodge in Muharram 1293/February 1876. Unfortunately the name or rite of the lodge is not included. The Documents also include invitations to sessions of Italian lodges from early 1877 through 1879 and documents beginning in January 1877, from the Eastern Star Lodge, which was affiliated with the Grand Lodge of England….The lodge, with al’Afghani as its leader, was to become an important instrument in the growing Egyptian crisis of 1878 and 1879.” (Nikki R. Keddie, Sayyid Jamaluddin al’Afghani,” Berkeley: 1972, p. 92)

After the attempted assassination of Nasser in 1954, the Egyptian government used the incident to justify political oppression of the Muslim Brotherhood, imprisoning a young Sayyid Qutb and many members for their vocal opposition to the Nasser regime.  Sayyid Qutb was prolific author, tutor, Islamic theologian, poet, and leading scholar of the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood in the 1950s and ‘60s.  Qutb died during his imprisonment in 1966.

Mohammed Qutb, Sayyid’s brother, along with other prisoners in the Muslim Brotherhood, took political refuge under CIA sponsorship in Saudi Arabia following Nasser’s crackdown.  He was given different official positions at Saudi universities to teach and to carry out the mission of the Muslim Brotherhood. While in Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Qutb conceived of the organization now known as the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY), which was established in 1972, thanks to large donations from the wealthy Saudi bin Laden family.

Sayyid Qutb synchronized the core theological doctrines of modern Islamic theology: the Kharijites’ takfir, ibn Taymiyya’s fatwas and social prescriptions, Rashid Rida’s salafism, Maududi’s concept of the contemporary jahiliyya and Hassan al’Banna’s political activism.  Mohammed Qutb taught at Mecca’s Umm al’Qura University, and King Abdul’aziz University in Jeddah.  One of his fellow students was an aspiring Egyptian doctor, Ayman al ’Zawahiri.  He eventually became one of Egyptian Islamic Jihad’s strategic managers and recruiter.  While attending King Abdul Aziz University in Jeddah, Osama bin Laden also became acquainted with Mohammed Qutb, and initiated into the Muslim Brotherhood.

In 1979, Bin Laden left Saudi Arabia, being one of the first Arabs to join mujahedeen fighting against Soviet invasion in Afghanistan.  Osama Bin Laden, at just twenty-two years of age, established the MAK, the Maktab al’Khidamat, or the Mujahedeen Services Bureau, based in Peshawar, Pakistan.  George Bush Sr., as vice president under President Ronald Reagan, was in charge of the covert operations that supported the MAK.  The MAK was nurtured by Pakistan’s ISI, Inter-Services Intelligence, and linked up with Pakistan’s Muslim Brotherhood organization, the Jamaat-e Islami, founded by Abul Ala Maududi, to recruit mujahedeen in Afghanistan.

By the late 1980s, the Maktab al’Khidamat expanded in fifty countries around the world.  Osama bin Laden then recognized that prospective Mujahedeen of the Maktab al’Khidamat did not have any military or intelligence training, and established the Bayt al’Ansar in Peshawar, Pakistan as a central training base, or al ’Qaeda.

The terrorists that carried out the September 11 attacks, the very same mujahedeen that waged guerilla warfare against Soviet invasion during the 1980s, were bankrolled by the Central Intelligence Agency, and the Bank of Credit and Commerce International founded by Pakistani financier Agha Hasan Abedi, himself a Freemason and occultist.

BCCI launched an international monopoly with its purchase in 1976 of 85% of the Banque de Commerce et Placements (BCP) of Geneva, Switzerland.  After the BCCI liquidated this bank, it installed Alfred Hartmann as chief executive. Hartmann then became the chief financial officer for BCC Holding and was affiliated with the Rothschild family, sitting on the board of directors of N.M. Rothschild & Sons, London, and president of Rothschild Bank AG of Zurich.  BCCI was initially incorporated in Luxembourg, famous for its lax banking restrictions, and soon branches and holding companies sprouted up around the globe: in the Cayman Islands, the Netherlands Antilles, Hong Kong, Abu Dhabi, and Washington DC.  BCCI’s main route of investment was financing Israeli arms into Afghanistan during the Soviet invasion.

Eighty percent of the 1,200 mosques operating in the US were constructed after 2001, the majority of which supported by Saudi financing. Saudi financial patronage, Wahhabi influence over Islamic institutions is considerable by 2003, according to testimony before the US Senate. Thousands of publications, published by the Saudi government and its religious networks, is filled with violent hatred toward Christians, Jews, and other Americans.  Their religious ideology disseminated across the country by 2006, according to a Freedom House report, a Washington-based NGO.

The nonpartisan report concluded that “the Saudi government propaganda examined reflects a totalitarian ideology of hatred that can incite to violence.By 2013, 75 percent of North American Islamic centers relied on Wahhabi preachers who promote anti-Western ideas in person and online through their sermons and through the Saudi-produced literature.  This subversive literature is a trigger to often well-educated Muslims who cross the threshold into violent totalitarian religious ideology; sprouting countless radical insurgent websites from Sheikh Google and Sheikh Twitter.

Since 2011, between 100 and 150 new mosques are at various stages of planning and construction across the United States. Financial assistance for these “expansion projects” comes from “foreign organizations,” as US government sources suspect that much of the funding is actually funneled from Saudi sources through difficult-to-track chains of bank accounts and person-to-person cash transfers via PayPal and other software.

The issue of religious extremism and violence has taken the leading role upon the comedic tragedy of the world stage.  Through various subversive and insurgent political, financial, social, and cultural networks in Islam significantly contribute to the rise of ruin and global war in fundamentalist Islam.  The truth is that the religious dimension of this ruinous violence has its origins not in Wahhabi and Salafist theology; but in the origins of Islam.




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It is the obligation of persons with decent and moral character during times of repression, thuggery, psychological terrorism, and disinformation to revolt against malevolent occult institutions and collusions.  Muslims and their spiritual friends and helpers, to act true pillars of the Intifada against virulent “magical orders” operating now as modules of commercialism and juvenile entitlement.  These contemporary “magical orders” are infectious to logic and reason; they are only products, easily marketable in a self-published digital world that knows little distinction between research and ranting.

Satanic “synagogues” and “churches,” like the “Church of Satan,” “Order of Nine Angels,” “Order of Phosphorus,” “Synagogue of Satan,” Scientology, Freemasonry, American “Guru” movements such as “Sathya Sai Baba,” Osho movement and “Osho Foundation,Shambhala Buddhism, particularly Thelema and Thelemic ‘organizations;’ “Ordo Templi Orientis,®” “Hermetic Golden Dawn,” “Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn,” “Antiquities of the Illuminati,” and various Shaytan-ctred groups too spurious to list are nothing more than extensions of personal delusion and fantasies of entitlement.

History is beginning one revolution at a time building to a crucible of human excess and depravity. Dissolution, disbandment, or even disruption and insurgance is obligated to occur against occult organizations that have become merely a shell of shells in the Invisible College, spurning initiations laced with lineage disputes, and internecine group melodrama.  Modern occult groups and their personalities have grown more absorbed in presentation, especially on the Internet, ignoring magical content and development of personal power.  Rituals and degrees have lost their mystique and relevance when readily available on the Internet at the click of fingers, rather than a physical journey to a lodge, library, workshop, or university.  No longer is there such a thing as “occult.”

It is no less the goal of our affiliates, colleagues, researchers, prodigious artists, initiated Brethren and Matrons, confederates to revolt against, expose, and abolish the afore-listed “magical orders.”  When in good faith, persons of honorable character strive to better existing social institutions, to act in accords of enlightenment and fraternity furthering the human condition in synchronicities of science, religion, and technology; it is the obligation of these honorable societies to revolt against and abolish virulent and malevolent collusions, namely the afore-listed “ magical associations.”

Intifada must be philosophically violent, opposed to the afore-listed “magical-spiritual associations.”  Revolt must be personal, financial, and social; the movement must be a rebellion against fraud; against slander and libel; against personal delusions of entitlement.  Revolt must never cease until the afore-listed contagions are amputated from relevant social strata.

Cabals of enlightenment remain a considerable culture hidden behind developments and prodigious minds in art, music, literature, theatre, and erotica.  The Cabal has charted new courses in the arts and remained secret under various collusions, never appearing under the same name; always under a different name or occupation, uncovering new modes of sexual expression and erotica within world religions, their scriptures, and ideologies.

They already have revolutionized culture, leading new approaches to technology and social development; pioneering explorations in psychology and technology that will synthesize information with matter.  The ‘Cabal’ known by its many monikers are the pillars of social progress; there influence in social strata  is not linear; it is recursive and exponential.  Their new social strata will replace obsolete social strata.

The existence of the ‘Cabal’ is a revolt against global disorder, oppression, and ignorance.  The afore-listed “magical organizations” or projects, are the embodiment of social degeneration and maladaptive behavior.  Intifada must break down reality tunneling of the past; spiritual fraternity is becoming replaced by Media Mystery Schools.  Too much information has been released.  Naturally, insurrectionists will counter with an influx of disinformation before we leave.  The “Cabal” in the global age has moved from hierarchies to networks.  Global and economic managing now comes through networks rather than through hierarchies.  Governments network for the same reason non-government organizations, financial agencies, and criminals network: information brokerage.

The notion of an occult Intifada against the listed “magical orders” and projects belongs to a three-dimensional view of history: this view does not regard as essential, superficial dimensions of time and space (which include causes, facts, and visible leaders).  It rather emphasizes the dimension of depth, or the ‘subterranean’ dimension in which forces and influences often act in a decisive manner, and which, more often not than not, cannot be reduced to what is merely human, whether at an individual or a collective level.  Intifada is our collective story, our common obligation.

One of the major differences between individuals who pursue and study the fine arts, classics, and common individuals in the human condition is the ability to experience the entire spectrum of existence, to adapt and change their environment according to their desire.  Occultism often attracts narcissistic personalities who have a grandiose sense of self-value, and they consistently overestimate and overvalue their endowments.  They exaggerate their accomplishments and are boastful, arrogant, and pretentious. Many have real talents and abilities, most are simply legends in their own mind tending not to test themselves in the natural echelons.

Their identities are codependent on their emotions, expending critical amounts of energy guarding against feelings of shame, humiliation and protecting them from criticism. It is not uncommon for them to be easily wounded and oscillate between guarding feelings of superiority, against having anyone finding out how inferior they feel compared to their delusions of superiority.  Occult personalities, such as Crowley and his Thelemic cult, Golden Dawn personalities Griffin, Zink, and Cherubim are very status oriented and prefer to be with admirers or others who can maintain and inflate their feelings of artificial prodigy.

These megalomaniacs have a strong sense of entitlement, often denied them in professional, social, and academic environments preferring to focus their feelings on lacking qualities.  They incapable of taking responsibility for their behavior while ignoring ensuing consequences and prefer to blame others for their moral and professional failures. Their poise is artificial, as they expend maximum efforts in denying, hiding, and lying about their moral failure.

Their relationships are frequently superficial. People are regarded either as a danger to their artificially superior status, or as a booster, enabling approval or serving as an audience. While they may be very good at showing concern for others, especially within a group setting, it is a sham. They lack real compassion and emotional depth, too preoccupied with their grandiose fantasies, keeping themselves from feelings of despair, sadness, and emptiness. As a rule their relationship are short and artificial.

They do not see the world clearly; because they are blinded by feelings of entitlement, and delusions of grandeur.  They remain unaware of their neuroses, unaware their minds are lost in delusion.  Individuals like Griffin, Breeze, and Cherubim who are in positions of artificial “influence” are quickly wounded, often silently, at the slightest perceived insult.  Such perceptions descend into paranoia, and feelings of depression, aggression, and recrimination.  My experiences in observance of several occult personalities like Griffin, Breeze, Cherubim, and Thelemites indicates that if these individuals do not resolve issues of entitlement they are physically unhealthy, unattractive, and unintelligent, unable to apply intelligence professionally and artistically.

Their strategies for coping moral and artistic failure is to increase their level of controlling behavior.  Some become eccentric and withdraw from life into esoteric pursuits, joining occult orders and working their way up artificial magical rankings where they can verify that they are chosen, unique, and special.  Some even provoke intense persecution and crucifixion of sorts to prove their grandiose neuroses.  They have extreme difficulty in accepting the proposition that nature is arbitrary, capricious, and beautifully chaotic.  It is difficult for them to accept themselves and life without a story of grandeur and entitlement.  Hence, they attract themselves to grandiose spiritual titles or characters, such as “Grand Master,” “Founder,” or even “Antichrist.”

Thelema is an occult philosophy centred on neo-Gnosticism, Witchcraft, hedonism, and Nietzschian will-based philosophies popularized by Edward Alexander Crowley {Aleister Crowley} around the year A.D. 1904.  Copious cultish organizations have sprouted and multiplied during and after Crowley’s lifetime, many of them in their own machinations professing some version of Crowley’s teachings.  If we exclude the deformed sense of reality that so often bleeds from questionable characters associated with the “Occult,” Crowley’s teachings and literature were in essence a plagiarism of Christian Gnosticism mixed with ceremonial magic, the hyper-Cynicism of Diogenes of Siope, Nietzsche’s will-based philosophies and the hedonism of Francois Rabelais and Marquis D.A.F. de Sade.

All cults stem from a fundamentalism root often from within an established religious tradition.  Cults can exploit and abuse members psychologically conditioning the new proselytes into a deformed sense of reality and ideologies.  Cults with elaborate and often emotional means of indoctrination often manipulate and wage authoritarian mind control over members.  Cults, such as Crowley’s “Thelema” are communal and totalistic in their organization. Individuals join because of what the group does for them – namely, fulfill and exploit unconscious psychological needs.

The human inclination for spirituality and its latency in the human genome is subject matter than I researched for years in and out of academia.  The occult sciences can open one to supernatural and neurological energies, and resources unavailable to the majority of our species for nearly two-thousand years.  Permanent neurological and psychological damage can easily result from engaging occult sciences, to dilettantes and the most seasoned occultists.  I have personally observed occultists develop severe neuroses and psychotic complexes, and further aggravate pre-existing psychoses, by engaging in energies they could not understand nor took the time and effort to research the “dark arts.”

The Black Lodge: Aleister Crowley & the Ordo Templi Orientis.

The Black Lodge:  Aleister Crowley & the Ordo Templi Orientis.

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they bought them back a month ago, bb signed, price is confidental…..i gave the archives to oto, as a non profit so they would have a placeto live after my death, he traded them for some crowley material to a gd group, and informed me after the event ……regardies 9th was removed according to bb when crowley and fir had their fight ….. so “it would be wrong to give it back to him.” even after his death…now, to be clear, bb has not thrown me out of the oto, i think he is scared, simple as that, i wish he would, it would make a nice chapter in one of my books…….under no conditions do i trust him any longer, too many lies, delays, deceit, particularly when i brought him out on my money from europe to meet with all the 9ths, i gave him the money some 1500.00 for this trip, not the oto, so i didnt claim it as a deduction…… I gave this man my loyalty and complete support and in his disgusting fashion flung me into his pile of used toys. this man makes decisions  as if were god and expects everyone to find his “logic” and his notion of “fairness” without blemish ….. i was a fool. you may publish this, “dr hyatt says he was a fool for supporting the oto and bb with his heart, money, love and time ……. i have been foolish in my life, but this, is on the top of my personal stupidity “ list.”

From: DrHyatt
Date: Tue, 6 May 2003 08:51:57 EDT
To: koenig at cyberlink.ch

Well Peter, is it? I took a stand on one member libeling another in the order. the topic was over an interview i had allowed a member to use and then he claimed it as his property, another member said it wasnt, and the first member started calling him names in a public forum …….. i told the us kingpin that i would take the side of the harmed member and if necessary take legal action …….. the head kingpin didnt respond in any helpful manner, and i told him that i didnt recognize his authority or for that matter bb ……… the us kingpin asked me if i really meant what i said, and i said yes, he asked me again, and i said yes, and again, and i said yes, so finally he “suspended me”….. the international oto boss has not done so yet, but he should as i stated clearly, that i am not taking orders from him either …… i have donated tens of thousands of dollars to this group, promises were broken time and again, regarding my 9th as well a books, so i am done with them, they have bought back their copyrights from falcon and they have turned one of their most loyal members into a lifetime enemy ……. bb also refused to give regardie back his 9th after the old mans death, and the never ending negative statements made against regardie by some of the upper boys drives me mad to no end…..
feel free to write

Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 11:00:37 EDT
In answer to your question regarding my “suspension” from the OTO, may i say this: I simply stated that I refuse to recognize the US King or his Boss as having authority over me……. I have been a loyal member for many years, having helped financially in a significant fashion, been an advisor helping in legal and other matters…..I was misinformed regarding a number of matters, and a number of promises made to me have been broken…….at this time I am awaiting suspension from the International OTO, overall i am now a leper in waiting having been discarded as a perpetual trouble maker….. I hope this answers your question and puts your concerns at ease…… Thank you, C.S. Hyatt, Ph.D.

Date: Wed, 7 May 2003 11:32:41 EDT
I have read the material you referred me to, and find nothing new there
……. i am surprised by the lack of anyone winning a lawsuit against
the OTO……..and i am not suprised about how many lawsuits they win, even “defending Lon” against the bludder he made ……. why so, everytime they win, everyone loses …… it makes them stronger …..what is needed is something that will work, once and for all, and i suggest that you might organize such an effort …… have any plans…. copyrights will not work …. they did everything in their power to buy falcon rights back, they did not want a suit there, and gave falcon almost complete permission to quote most anything in the future, something unheard of from bb ……. his publishing venture is now the weakest spot …… along with some items you mentioned

Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 08:01:49 EDT
first, let me inform you that i am not alturist …… my goal in life
is not to help people qua people …… second, i hold four advanced degrees, have been a fellow at major universities and have post doc work third, i have been lic as a clinician and practiced for 12 years in addition to a two year hospital internship …. my degrees are in statistics/neruoscience/brain mapping/medical education/clinical-psychology/human behavior-criminal justice ….i have invented a statistic, which is now used, and has been published by other researchers, have written significant peer reveiwed articles, co authored and authored numerous books and have had a number of them translated into four languages. all of this to say that i am not inticed by a public forum to protect people against the oto or any other group … politically i might be called a libertarian……. my favorite philosopher F.W. Neitzsche who i have studied since 20, and i am now 60. by training i lean toward freud, having studied him from 17. my interest in you is your knowledge about my enemy ……an enemy of my enemy is my friend …… lon is the person who initiated me into the oto….. i was “seduced” by him, his wife, and james wasserman to join the oto……i joined because of regardie, a few years after firs death……i had a lot of fun with lon and his group……before things got serious. they wanted my name, my money, and my influence……and they got it……..lon also stated that he should have been caliph…..when it came time to choose a king lon thought it would be him, but as usual bb chose someone more like him, in fact a carbon……..off course bb interest in the new king had other motives which one might call the sanctury of the gnosis…..you fill in the rest. lon and i are on friendly on very distant terms…… in passing you should keep in mind that one of bb goals is to rid the order of gradys ninths having only his……most are all yes men, they are scared of him, for what reason i do not fathom …..

Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 13:18:36 EDT
fruitful? helping the cause of thelema simple as that …… i dont mrecall when i first met him………..sometime in the very early 90s…….. are you kidding, i bought a german collection of books, numerous other items for the archives, 10s of thousands of dollars, stipends for writing books, helping pay rent, the list is never ending, donations for lawsuits etc. if you must know i was very dedicated to the cause…..

Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 17:04:10 EDT
sally quit because of a govt invest of a member of her lodge
……….. there were a few other heavy hitters, and some mild ones,
like nick at falcon ……. there are the people in europe who are more successful who have money ….. i gave him a number of 5000 stipends plus tons of other things, to help the “cause.” what is with graeb why does he need to be loved by bill and the oto …..?

Date: Thu, 8 May 2003 18:52:27 EDT
good night, i just received an email issued from the most high, that everyone 5th or higher should change their password on a certain yahoo group …… because “peter koenig” had broken it …… it was not sent to me directly, but one of my friends in the oto sent it to me ….. in passing the lodge here has been completely destroyed by the ec, after 20 years, they sent in an sgig, other than me when i was active, to investigate, did not inform me that “it” was here, and then the lodge became an oasis, and then the oasis became nothing ….. non existent …. i had increased membership due to my presence and got a 5th degree chapter besides, now they destroyed the entire group ……. in interest of the new order. interesting?

this may be in response to a scathing letter i wrote sb stating why
wasnt i copied on the my offical explusion letter ……. telling him
he and his boss are experts at turning a one time loyal member and
friend into an eternal enemy …… hehehe i also said that they are
forcing me into your hands as i learned about the original letter from prk…….i also stated that i am waiting for bb to expell me from the international group ….. as usual there was no response to me apologizing for not coping me …..the phx group was destroyed as it was in the model of the older oto when people did initations and had fun ……. strict obedience is now the rule ….. obey or else…… there are some other holes in the dyke and now is the time to create more fear in their hearts……… do your best i know you are a data collector

Who is Peter-R. Koenig?
“I need no warrant for being, and no word of sanction upon my being. I am the warrant and the sanction.” – Ayn Rand

Peter-R. Koenig is a collector of data, sometimes called a gatherer of data, g.o.d. for short. He likes to solve puzzles and in particular the one sold as cOTO…..I don’t know Peter well, I knew of his reputation as an evil character who was attacking the “thelemic current” of the Coto.

We first talked when he copied me on my suspension from the US CoTo. I never received a copy of the official suspension. I was simply informed that I was suspended and have lost all my powers for refusing to recognize the authority of the US Chief and of course the Grand Chief….

Prior to this I was a member in real good standing having donated thousands upon thousands of dollars to support the Coto in its defense against its enemies and to improve its library….

Somehow after throwing a number of temper tantrums for not receiving my twice promised 9th degree and eternal delays on books which I had paid stipends for completion, I was, if you would, “put aside.” much like a worn set of shoes….

The once confident, advisor and supporter had worn out his welcome, however, to publicly acknowledge this could cause some embarrassing problems, and even perhaps some legal ones. But I went to sleep moving onto other things……that is until they awoke this sleeping giant…..by destroying the local lodge and then oasis, and taking the side of an individual who to say it nicely took ownership to one of my copyrighted pieces …… with this churning my bowels I told the bosses that I no longer recognized them as authorities and after asking me three times if I really meant it, I finally said, cant you read, I received a personal notice of suspension but a never a copy of the one that went out to members of the lover and hermit triad, but wait, in order for me not to be bothered and to protect my privacy they didn’t send me one, nor one to the general coto population….. kind of them?

So here comes the gather of data and sends (Peter-R. K) me a copy of this little note, designed to protect me …… I am angry that no one had the manners to copy me ….. and thought it “clever” on how they did not want the general coto population to know, because after all I am Dr. Hyatt, a well know student of Dr. Regardie, author, etc. etc. etc. It seems that Dr., Hyatt and Dr. Regardie share more than a personal history of some 15 years, but the honor of suspended, removed, leperized by the Coto. But to be honest I have not been removed from the International Coto…..they want me to be a member for some, no doubt spiritual reason, but someone whispered in my ear that there might be more sinister reasons, I will let the reader guess what they might be ……..

Prior to my suspension I was informed by the US Chief and one of his cronies that I had taken oaths to protect the Coto…they were correct, however, the Supreme Chief relieved me of these oaths, indirectly and no doubt unintentionally, when he told me that all the promises he made to me and in fact I to him were and are conditional……in my feeble way I took this to mean oaths as well, as they are promises after all……So with all of this we ask who is Peter-R. Koenig, I frankly don’t know, except he is polite and friendly as he gathers data from the latest leper and victim of the COTO……..some might say he is using me and I him, but what is wrong with use, when you have been misused because you believed in brotherhood, promises and the COTO…… I say mutual use is a virtue ……. so for today I end my discussion of who is Peter-R. Koenig ….. but keep in mind tomorrow is another day ……. I will say more…….. .much more, but now the old man needs a nap…..
Thanks for listening
Dr Hyatt 5/9/03 CE


Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt on Dr. Francis Israel Regardie & the Golden Dawn:

Some Interesting Issues…

Before Dr. Regardie died he asked me to continue his work, particularly in the area of publishing.

Considering the ups and downs of the economy, the bankruptcy of a number of important distributors, and the general change of complexion in the industry as a whole, we give ourselves a letter grade of B. Other than the Complete Golden Dawn, demand for Dr. Regardie’s work published by New Falcon has been moderate. There are a number of possible reasons.

Regardie didn’t want anyone to centralize the Golden Dawn. Every one of his private students knew of this requirement. I, of course, promised that I would not attempt to control the Golden Dawn and for this I give myself a letter grade of A.

However, I can’t say the same for some others, many of whom have tried to monopolize the activities of Golden Dawn as their own fiefdom. As usual they assert that they are doing it for mankind and, as usual, only fools believe such attempts at transforming greed into altruism. In my feeble attempt to counter this coup, I have created-or helped to create-functional (and dysfunctional) operating Temples. Some of these have been a practical success while others have been outright failures-as I intended them to be. However, one thing is clear: they exist and their very existence resists the attempts to “own” the Golden Dawn. For this I give myself a letter grade of B.

Even more disturbing than the attempt to monopolize the Golden Dawn is the misuse of Regardie as a steppingstone and authority.

These upstarts misused Dr. Regardie as a power base and then demeaned him. These were attempts at ad hominem character assassination. These “remarks” range from calling Regardie a fool or lacking in knowledge, to spreading rumors, to fabrications and derision surrounding the circumstances of his death. The maneuver of using a person and then demeaning him is not uncommon for individuals who lack real substance of their own.

Finally, Dr. Regardie is sometimes accused of betraying Crowley by exposing his faults in The Eye in the Triangle. Dr. Regardie’s analysis of Crowley is essential to unravel the truth, as both Crowley and his followers have obfuscated an entire body of knowledge in decorative pastels. Regardie is often “hated” because, as one member of Crowley’s clan has said, “How dare Regardie psychologize the prophet of the New Aeon! This is why Regardie suffered and why his reputation is questioned-this is why Crowley will be remembered and Regardie forgotten.” Assertions such as these often amaze me-as their authors attempt to pass off their need for hero worship as moral imperatives. It is both funny and pathetic what a fool can do with a few footnotes. Wild assertions, academic style and clichés cannot take the place of critical thinking.

The attempt to fling Dr. Regardie to the far reaches of hell-or worse, a footnote or two-not been successful, although at times it has seemed so. Books have been published which slowly removed Regardie as a major force in the Golden Dawn, while some followers of Crowley have attempted to ignore him because Crowley and Regardie had such an awful row.

We know that the return of the Complete Golden Dawn System of Magic, in its second edition, will help bring Dr. Regardie back into the richness of the light which he so deeply deserves.

Standards, Elitism, Equality and Magic…
If you needed a heart transplant you might search for a surgeon with the best rate of success. We can define success as the highest number of patients who survived the operation, the length of time before symptoms reappeared, and possibly the quality of the patient’s life after surgery. Assuming you wanted to survive, these standards-and others-might make up your selection criteria.

On the other hand, if you didn’t want to survive, you would use different standards. With this idea in mind, I will conclude that no matter what you do, you have standards-and by this I include those “standards” fostered by politicians, newscasters, grammar-school teachers and derelicts. (However, if you held their “standards” you probably would have not purchased this book.)

I have standards and I assert they are based on what is defined as success, quality of life and a general feeling of well-being. I do not base my decisions or actions on what the mentally defective might do. If I have a dollar set aside for donation I will give it to a hungry genius working on the origins of life, and forego helping the inadequate. If I had two dollars I would give both to the hungry genius.

Dr. Regardie also had standards and they were not those of the “crucified one.” He was an elitist and, though he sometimes failed both in judgment and results, he held to his standards nonetheless. He was kind to people, polite and concerned. However, he chose his company as carefully as he could.

Dr. Regardie donated or gave his money (and heart) to promising students in college and magic as well as to a few occult and non-occult organizations. The weak, stupid and lame were not on his donation list. He gave value to what he valued. He was not interested in the applause of bleeding-heart, guilt-ridden weaklings. One of his concerns, as is mine, are the programs designed to weaken the individual through blatant overindulgence and the teaching of self-hate which has been inculcated into the minds of the healthy and capable by a decadent morality. He fought this at every opportunity.

Elitism in this context is to support and admire the best, not the worst. This doesn’t mean harming others who do not meet these standards; it simply means withholding value from them.

Dr. Regardie never attempted to reduce the best to the worst for the sake of pity. In this sense neither of us supported the politically correct notion of equality. Our attitude has led to both of us being ostracized by many occult groups-which includes most Crowley organizations. Let me make this point very clear.. . . . . Dr. Regardie was a Thelemite, something of a Jeffersonian Democrat, or a Libertarian.. . . . . However, he realized that Thelema and most political groups behaved in the exact opposite of the values and theories espoused by their founders. Although offered a high-ranking position in a number of organizations-including the OTO-he politely refused. Keep in mind that, though Dr. Regardie was a gentleman publicly, privately he could be quite vicious concerning the weak and lame who headed and populated most Occult groups.

Magic is the attempt to control paranormal or natural forces, by ritual, imagination and other techniques, to conform to the will of the operator. The term “will” in this context refers to the “force of desire.” The control of paranormal forces can mean learning from “higher powers” to finding the right mate. Some individuals regard some forms of magic as either black or white. Apparently this means that black magic correlates with self-interest and harming others, while white magic relates to spiritual pursuits and helping others. Magic, however, is magic, regardless of what ends one pursues or how you might moralize about the means used to accomplish the end. Like science, magic must remain amoral-uninfluenced by any set of standards except knowledge and results.. ….

In summary, Regardie espoused the theory that, like science, magic was an objective practice…… the ritual either accomplished its ends or not.. …. Though Regardie was a generous and caring person, he never regarded his personal values from a moral perspective nor demanded that others behave like himself.

Dr. Regardie had very high standards although, like all of us, he often failed at realizing them.. . He was a strong advocate of elitism and was horrified by what I now call the new age plague.. … .which has distorted and obfuscated magic and science through a neopuritanical ethic, eulogized through a greatly watered down Judeo/Christian/Islamic morality.. …. The ethic of the new age, which in my view is now dwindling, is a combination of regressive self-indulgence and self-hate.. … .two programs of self-destruction whose time has come and gone. We are now moving into a new era, neither better nor worse than the one we are emerging from.. …. This is not the so-called Aeon of Horus, but another.. …. The Aeon of Horus has come and gone in an instant and, like all minor influences, has left behind its refuse. With all of this said, we at Falcon hope that you find this new edition both more useful and enjoyable.

-Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D.
17 November 2002 CE
St. Thomas, USVI

“crowley’s fear of abortion simply reflects his chronic fear that his inherent inferiority would be discovered ………………… and that his existence was a result of terrible accident …”
Christopher S. Hyatt, Ph.D. April 8, 2006.


When it comes to “enemies of Thelema” and an adversary to O.T.O. and other Thelemic consortia, a close friend I will called “Kelli” (to protect her privacy) has long been established as a formidable adversary to the upper degree ranks of the O.T.O. Kelli, known by many of her occult monikers such as Soror Hoor AmentiiPadishah Khalifah, Soror Inanna, and countless other Internet personas is a former member of the O.T.O., expelled for allegedly uploading private documents to public Internet servers. Ms. Holloran contacted a good friend and I in Arizona. I met her for the first time in 2003 and found her a capable magician and intelligent student of ancient religion and sociology.

Unfortunately, I later discovered through my conversations with Ms. Holloran and Dr. Christopher S. Hyatt that the reason behind her communications with us, and I was to divulge if we were an antagonist to the O.T.O. or Dr. Hyatt’s publishing ventures. We were neither. My observations of Ms. Holloran’s invectives against the O.T.O.
led me to conclude that in lieu of the abuse and harassment she clearly experienced in the O.T.O., she became
neurotically obsessed with obstructing and criticizing O.T.O. on the Internet. She would create and manage numerous blogs, websites, and forums usually attracting the self-medicating vitriol she sought, often deleting her projects within weeks or months. Holloran’s subterfuge and 72 insurgency against O.T.O. and other Thelemic consortia ultimately led to psychosis and delusion, even sexist and selfharming

Kelli, Soror Hoor Amentii summarizes her calamities with the O.T.O.:

If anyone wants to know why I joined the O.T.O. (American Caliphate) in 1994, it was primarily because of the /Book of the Law/. The /BOTL/ had spoken to me in a heightened state of consciousness and when a member asked me if I wanted to join (I had already been in communication with several of their members in two cities and present at functions and events) I decided that based on /The Book of the Law/ (accepting that), I would.  One of the primary tenets of the /BOTL/ that “spoke to me was “Let the woman be girt with a sword before me.” I saw this in a statue — it was a statue of Maat.

The sword is Maat, behind that is Horus. All of these are only images of male and female.  I first noticed discrepancies of the Book of the Law with several of Crowley’s writings or creations right away. Some of them may have been personal interpretations of various male O.T.O. members (my boyfriends and child’s father as well as other lodge or camp masters), but the Priestess who really received me into the Order had this under control, apparently (until her untimely death).  In 1997 this Priestess, Soror Bufo, Camp Mistress of Christobel Wharton Hoopsnake Camp in Tucson, AZ. In addition, developer of animated films about the Holy Books of Thelema (unpublished) and many other profound artistic works was murdered execution style. 

Read again: WAS MURDERED EXECUTION STYLE. They have never discovered her murderer. While she was not my Initiator she should have been, the person in control was a dwarfed size mini of incapability. Either way she was the Priestess of the GM, and camp mistress.

She was shot in the back of the head when a someone entered her home in Tucson and shot her (June 1997). They have never found the killer.  My boyfriend (who had asked me to join the OTO and to which I agreed as referenced above) was her boyfriend before me for 3 years. He “disappeared” into thin air for months after her death. He did not even attend her wake. Various people attended it at Luna Loca cafe in Tucson. A few OTO members from Phoenix showed their support and were brethren. But, the Tucson OTO members really didn’t seem to care that much. The highest degree member down there (not my boyfriend, my so-called Initiator) did not show his support and seemed to think she deserved it. I am not joking.

He was also very good friends with my ex-boyfriend “The Rapist” (who later was given a camp by the OTO for a short time called “Sun and Moon Camp”). The story as follows:
I decide to be a priestess in their mass with the priest being the ex boyfriend “The Rapist” (later he was master of Sun and Moon camp). He never showed up to the Mass so Soror Bufo (who was murdered execution style in June 1997, 3 years later) was my priest.

I realize there was an extreme problem with the Gnostic Mass, primarily the lack of female saints. I confront the above-mentioned “high degree” member (my initiator although I would say he was NEVER my initiator by his juvenile behavior) after a heightened state of consciousness about the lack of female saints and inquire why is Mohammed a saint. In my level of awareness I realize this person’s response is a load of crap and unreasonable. Whatever anyone wants to argue (insert here) the argument is invalid as to why there are no female saints. All the way unto a gnostic interpretation in its highest — and hence that there are no female saints is an affront to Thelema — based on the form of gnosis and Identity. There is no protocol by which anyone can even argue this valid. And the fact by which that they desire to illustrate Aeon of Osiris (gnostic ideologies) as opposed to Aeon of Horus. It is as simple as that.

I continued to be a dues paying member but I never do another gnostic mass again..

I took my IInd degree in around 1995 and through this discourse, I meet another guy who becomes a Camp Master (he is a camp master when I become pregnant with his child). I immediately realize after arguments and fighting that I will not be his “priestess” because the situation shows two problems: they are not conducting themselves at all like a Profess house as described in Crowley’s writing — with treatment of pregnant women. Instead they are acting like little egotistical small phallus having jerk offs perpetrating domestic violence. And, with their little “old boys club” collaborative, I became acutely aware that they intended to keep the female “”sexually” (babylon) subversive as opposed to by “chastity” or “virginity.” The control factor being the same sum game (OSIRIS).

And on top of that — they are controlling about their very literature. So the first item up for grabs is someone sending him Arte De Magica / De Arte Magica by Crowley. I see it on his computer screen and read it. He throws an alcoholic fit/rage etc., and commits violent acts against me while pregnant. He then says I’m on “bad report” and tries to expel me from his camp. None of this is professional or business – like. I leave and have many experiences beyond comprehension with the birth of my child. None of that is for public read at this time. I am living with and without the guy while he continues his OTO alcoholic rage existence in Chicago.

Move to Chicago and involve myself in both his initiation charter papers for local members at Aum Ha and leave after some female from the camp are in my house having sex with him with my small child there, on top of the alcoholic rage/abuse I am receiving). (I Move to my own apt. in Chicago).

I move back to Tucson. This is when Soror Bufo gets murdered execution style. Mind you, I had not talked to her since 1995 before I had my daughter and didn’t know where she was at the time. I had intended to bring my daughter to meet her but I could never find out where she was. I didn’t have many connections since returning to the area, except psycho stalker Initiator guy and my ex-boyfriend “The Rapist” who happened to see me in a thrift store (unless he followed me from somewhere?). And, my boyfriend, DJ at the strip club I worked at. Not really involved in the OTO, trying to raise my kid and go to college.  I had some communication with the Initiator guy — but mostly not involved because I’m working a lot. With now full on stalkeresque rapist ex-boyfriend randomly coming to my house — I started feeling threatened.

After she was killed, “the Rapist” started showing up at my house a lot all of a sudden. He acted very strange and withdrawn at first. I just thought it was grief but mind you previously, this same guy had strangled me and threatened to kill me in his tree house in the woods.  All of this is a fact. He seemed to have bipolar disorder and act REALLY violent murder style all of a sudden mood swings. Yes, I passed out the time he strangled me. He also raped me one time and said it was because I had a “rape fantasy.” I almost smashed his head in with a Horus statue sitting by my hand but I didn’t because I thought I’d end up in a worse criminal situation than letting this jerk off get it over with.  But I wouldn’t put it past him (murder, rape, anything — he’s ultra-scary). I informed the OTO this they still gave him a camp. Anyone can challenge it but it is a fact that remains a fact.

Why was I even hanging out with him? OUT OF FUCKING STUPIDITY. But I was. So he came over with me and my daughter there and seemed stalkerish. Yes, he was official in OTO along with his creepy Initiator friend. Right then my baby daddy (the other violent guy who was a OTO Initiator now but had given up his camp in Chicago to supposedly come and help me take care of our daughter). He came and this other OTO weird “The Rapist” /attempted murderer (and murder suspect) guy were sort of fighting. Baby daddy mad he was hanging around and I was letting him hang around because i hated baby daddy and wanted him to MOVE OUT. Why? he is violent gets drunk and threatens me.

He had only been there from Chicago for 3 months at the time. The whole thing was a fight over the Gnostic Mass. Everyone wanted to do it and I was in the middle of this bizarre thing with psycho narcissists. So one time my child’s father (the alcoholic who had the initiation charter but had left his camp in Chicago) hits me in the face 10 times and goes to jail. This starts a whole OTO investigation BECAUSE I told “The rapist” ex-boyfriend who tells the Initiator who doesn’t seem to care that Amy was murdered who tells the “big wigs” and the Electoral College (namely Christopher S. Hyatt) including Sabazius and other yahoos about this guy hitting me. They then try to question me and I tell them to fuck themselves I’m busy, they act like I have computer access or something and I seem to be busy–They are DEMANDING I respond to their investigation by certain days — that by the time I could even check

“EMAIL” (back in 1998 mind you) the day had already been long gone.  This was demanding and harassment instigated and perpetrated into a whole bunch of jerk off situations. All the way to the HIGHEST
MEMBER.  For the past 12 years I have been going to school trying to get rid of two psychopathic losers and had no time for their investigation in 1998, nor internet access. Plus I need money at the time and had become homeless after this huge victimization against me: being beat by my baby daddy, being threatened to be killed by the stalker ex rapist boyfriend (both with Camp Masters and one with an Initiation Charter).  I thank them for introducing me to narcissistic sociopaths who are attracted to Crowley.

Look around you. I am lucky to have survived all of that. Anyone who reads that and says anything but AWE and WTF is like someone that finds a murder victim and says “Oh well” and walks on by.  I go back to the baby daddy a few times and finally move to a shelter. I go through hell with this baby daddy and the OTO tries to investigate the situation and eventually throws him out. I resign after 10001 items of MALE CRAP DOWN YOUR THROAT because I just get sick of their crap. It isn’t like it ends here — it starts here and snowballs all the way down the line. The rest of THAT story is in the “Thelema” group. This is not about OTO per se but Crowley and his works and do these thing violate the New Aeon as well as the Book of the Law? Yes. Where are these things? EGC and OTO. My experience with the OTO and resigning is written in another document.  The fact is the rituals all the way to the top are anti-female. My experiences are a PHYSICAL REPRESENTATION of what is in the higher degrees. They try to act pro-babylon (and I don’t mean the OTO — I mean CROWLEY. He wrote it). The Gnostic Mass, de Natura Deorum, art de magica and Liber Agape.

It puts the female as reflection of male solar SUN. She is a moon. It’s in the BOTL but they fail to realize that genders are an illusion. BE THOU HADIT MY SECRET CENTER MY HEART AND MY TONGUE is ME. It is you. It is everyone in the Aeon of Horus. Not the Priest or the Priestess. It is not bad to have a physical representation of one’s religion and call it sacred — it is a travesty to fail to see the signs when it creates degradation of the Life force. Imposing sexuality on a female is just as oppressive as imposing chastity. Our Lady Babylon is 77 Our Lady of Guadalupe is Mother Mary. Any fetish of what the female should be (mother Isis or mother Babylon or mother anything) is merely someone’s imposition of WHAT THE FEMALE SHOULD BE. See here’s the thing: the female should be FREE. It is very clear in RA HOOR KHUIT who is a combination of Nuit and Hadit. It is not male even though Crowley seems to have used language to represent it as such. That is only his own anthropomorphisation of the god to himself.  

It is NOT male — nor female. It is neither — it contains both. The woman girt with a sword is a part of it as it is a vengeful god is part of it.  This is where the Gnostic Mass fails to grasp hold of it (the New Aeon).  And, this needs a serious revision. The problem I think with the OTO  (unless they have changed since I left in 2000 era vulgaris) is not that they have old aeon technologies — but that they defend them vehemently and with a dogma and then refuse to change. Some people told me I could make more changes from within. Maybe so but I joined the Catholic church later and can do that too…. there’s changes on these levels to be made EVERYWHERE. It will roll over us like a steamroller whether we like it or not. They are finally beginning to realize that nature CANNOT be controlled. And, control of nature and the female is a very central part of their old aeon tradition. No one ever likes to give up hold and power over something. And the fight will be tenuous whether you believe me or not.
Soror Inanna

Kelli’s unfortunate narration offers a concise insight into the self-victimization that pervades ex cult members. Unlike her mythical namesake, “Inanna” is a generic victim severely damaged over years of abuse from not only the O.T.O. but of the worst kind – self-inflicted.

Illuminati are indispensable to human brain engineering, genetics, arts, social strata, and technological advancement. It is the arcane traditions of the Xristos, synchronized from Egyptian theology and Hermeticism that enable the twin pillars of art and science in the Western Mystery Traditions. Illuminati are indispensable, but modern occult organizations and their spurious personalities are not.  Checks and balances are obligated against occult organizations that have become merely a shell of shells in the Invisible College, spurning initiations laced with lineage disputes, and internecine group melodrama.

Modern occult groups and their personalities have grown more absorbed in presentation, especially on the Internet, ignoring magical content and development of personal power. Rituals and degrees have lost their mystique and relevance when readily available on the Internet at the click of fingers, rather than a physical journey to a lodge, library, workshop, or university.  No longer is there such a thing as “occult.”

One of the major differences between individuals who pursue and study the fine arts, classics, and common individuals in the human condition is the ability to experience the entire spectrum of existence, to adapt and change their environment according to their desire. Occultism often attracts narcissistic personalities who have a grandiose sense of self-value, and they consistently overestimate and overvalue their endowments. They exaggerate their accomplishments and are boastful, arrogant, and pretentious. Many have real talents and abilities, most are simply legends in their own mind tending not to test themselves in the natural echelons.

Their identities are codependent on their emotions, expending critical amounts of energy guarding against feelings of shame, humiliation and protecting them from criticism. It is not uncommon for them to be easily wounded and oscillate between guarding feelings of superiority, against having anyone finding out how inferior they feel compared to their delusions of superiority.  Occult personalities, such as Crowley and his Thelemic cult, Golden Dawn personalities Griffin, Zink, and Cherubim are very status oriented and prefer to be with admirers or others who can maintain and inflate their feelings of artificial prodigy.

These megalomaniacs have a strong sense of entitlement, often denied them in professional, social, and academic environments preferring to focus their feelings on lacking qualities. They incapable of taking responsibility for their behavior while ignoring ensuing consequences and prefer to blame others for their moral and professional failures. Their poise is artificial, as they expend maximum efforts in denying, hiding, and lying about their moral failure.

Their relationships are frequently superficial. People are regarded either as a danger to their artificially superior status, or as a booster, enabling approval or serving as an audience. While they may be very good at showing concern for others, especially within a group setting, it is a sham. They lack real compassion and emotional depth, too preoccupied with their grandiose fantasies, keeping themselves from feelings of despair, sadness, and emptiness. As a rule their relationship are short and artificial.

They do not see the world clearly; because they are blinded by feelings of entitlement, and delusions of grandeur. They remain unaware of their neuroses, unaware their minds are lost in delusion. Individuals like Griffin, Breeze, and Cherubim who are in positions of artificial “influence” are quickly wounded, often silently, at the slightest perceived insult.

Such perceptions descend into paranoia, and feelings of depression, aggression, and recrimination. My experiences in observance of several occult personalities like Griffin, Breeze, Cherubim, and Thelemites indicates that if these individuals do not resolve issues of entitlement they are physically unhealthy, unattractive, and unintelligent, unable to apply intelligence professionally and artistically.  Their strategies for coping moral and artistic failure is to increase their level of controlling behavior. Some become eccentric and withdraw from life into esoteric pursuits, joining occult orders and working their way up artificial magical rankings where they can verify that they are chosen, unique, and special.

Some even provoke intense persecution and crucifixion of sorts to prove their grandiose neuroses. They have extreme difficulty in accepting the proposition that nature is arbitrary, capricious, and beautifully chaotic. It is difficult for them to accept themselves and life without a story of grandeur and entitlement. Hence, they attract themselves to grandiose spiritual titles or characters, such as “Grand Master,” “Founder,” or even “Antichrist.”

Thelema is an occult philosophy centred on neo-Gnosticism, Witchcraft, hedonism, and Nietzschian will-based philosophies popularized by Edward Alexander Crowley {Aleister Crowley} around the year A.D. 1904. Copious cultish organizations have sprouted and multiplied during and after Crowley’s lifetime, many of them in their own machinations professing some version of Crowley’s teachings.  If we exclude the deformed sense of reality that so often bleeds from questionable characters associated with the “Occult,” Crowley’s teachings and literature were in essence a plagiarism of Christian Gnosticism mixed with ceremonial magic, the hyper-Cynicism of Diogenes of Siope, Nietzsche’s will-based philosophies and the hedonism of Francois Rabelais and Marquis D.A.F. de Sade.

All cults stem from a fundamentalism root often from within an established religious tradition. Cults can exploit and abuse members psychologically conditioning the new proselytes into a deformed sense of reality and ideologies.  Cults with elaborate and often emotional means of indoctrination often manipulate and wage authoritarian mind control over members. Cults, such as Crowley’s “Thelema” are communal totalistic in their organization. Individuals join because of what the group does for them – namely, fulfill and exploit unconscious psychological needs.

Heritage of the Illuminati

The TRUE Heritage of the Illuminati – research and written by an independent scholar not on the corporate payroll of the new world order like so many authors!

9780982999202cover“One of the most controversial books on the Illuminati….controversial because I have research the inner machinations of American secret societies for over 13 years through personal interaction, academic research, and mentorship under noteworthy teachers whom I have provided names & photos of with permission.  I unmask conspiracies not in the form of bankers, governments, or Presidents; but in the form of DISINFORMATION so readily available on the Internet.  I discuss my personal initiations into societies one cannot “google” or lookup a website on, give detailed accounts of “Bohemian Grove” style activity designed to keep Islamic culture at war with itself – at the expense of American-Zionist imperialism.  What I offer is more than a book from a mid-size publishing press: it is an invitation to share a ‘Heritage’ of artistic wonder & awe-inspiring imagination and enlightenment.”
– Joshua Seraphim



Author’s Foreword…………………………………..1

I The Invisible College……………………………..7

II Serpentine Brotherhood…………………………..23

III Fratres Crucigeri cum Rubea Stella……………….39

IV Cathari and Albigenses:  The Blessed Martyrs……….48

V Roshaniyya: Illuminates of Ismail………………….60

VI Alumbrados: Illuminates of Spain………………….64

VII Pauperes commilitones Christi Templique Solomonici…67

VIII Freemasonry and Bloodlines……………………..80

IX Light of Sothis and Sirius………………………111

X Fraternities of the Twisted Cross…………………122

XI Legacy Rosicrucia………………………………130

XII Dr. Hyatt, Regardie, and the Golden Dawn…………158

XIII Intifada………………………………………183

XIV Pyramids of Giza………………………………210

Ezekiel 1:15-18 UFO..

“Now as I looked at the living creatures, I saw a wheel on the earth beside the living creatures, one for each of the four of them. As for the appearance of the wheels and their construction: their appearance was like the gleaming of beryl. And the four had the same likeness, their appearance and construction being as it were a wheel within a wheel. When they went, they went in any of their four directions without turning as they went. And their rims were tall and awesome, and the rims of all four were full of eyes all around.”
Ezekiel 1:15-18 (ESV)



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